news trading

  1. shanmugapradeep

    What are the List of news Events which have High Volatile for News Trading

    Hello, What are the list of news events that can bring about significant price movements and high volatility in the forex market? I personally know of two events: NFP and FOMC, which are known for their high volatility.
  2. shanmugapradeep

    What is the best broker for lowest slippage for News Trading

    Hello, Which broker would you recommend for news trading? During news releases, prices can spike rapidly in any direction, and market volatility is at its peak. I am currently facing significant slippage with my current broker, HFM (formerly HotForex). I am searching for the best broker with...
  3. shanmugapradeep

    [MQL4 Coding Help] Fixing News Filter EA

    Hello, Currently i am coding a news filter EA and having some errors. #import "urlmon.dll" int URLDownloadToFileW(int pCaller,string szURL,string szFileName,int dwReserved,int Callback); #import #define INAME "FFCPing"+_Symbol #define TITLE 0 #define COUNTRY 1 #define DATE 2 #define TIME...
  4. SimonCrewe

    How to automate a trading strategy

    Hi, I've develloped a scaping strategy based on news events that seems to work when I backtested it manually for the last 10 years. The problem is that the market needs to be entered extremely quickly while taking into consideration the last candlestick closing price after the annoucement of...
  5. agazio

    "avoid trading before/during release of the news"

    first of all, thanks to the owners for all the informations, indicators and EAs provided. We owe you a lot. Other websites provide free material but not of the same quality. regarding my question, you know that: 1- BEFORE the high impact news the market is flat, even for days, waiting for the...
  6. bmkinyua

    Assistance With RSS MQL4 EA

    I have an EA that would read RSS from investing(dot)com and dailyfx(dot)com RSS feed breaking news and would send me emails as the breaking news would break. It used to work fine but has since been reporting nothing new to report even if there is news (screenshot shows the message, it is not an...
  7. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss serves up online trading on the ATP Tour

    BDSwiss sponsors the MercedesCup until 2022 BDSwiss is delighted to announce an agreement to sponsor the MercedesCup, an ATP tour tennis tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, from 7-13 June 2021. The contest is expected to feature several of the world’s best players, as a curtain-raiser for the...
  8. K

    News filter EA

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a standalone news filter EA? One that will stop any other EA'S on your mt4 from trading during news events? (I can't build it onto the EA, as I only have the ex4 and the developer has no interest in adding it himself) Kind regards, Kevin
  9. X

    Brokers for News Trading

    For News trading , which brokers are good?
  10. Enivid

    News Trader

    Discuss News Trader expert advisor here. News Trader is a simple EA to help traders automate their news trading opportunities. News Trader is available for MT4, MT5, and cTrader. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.
  11. Fidelis

    EA Pending Order

    Can someone suggest or post a working pending order EA that can place a buy and sell order with stop loss and take profit. The once i tried is either not working or not effective.
  12. mayalistyorini

    Fundamental News Effect (May 21, 2014)

    Monetary Policy Statement (JPY) Effect in Pips February 2014 36 pip March 2014 55 pip April 2014 42 pip May 2014 (Today prediction) 40 pip BOJ Press Conference (JPY) Effect in Pips February 2014 60 pip March 2014 46 pip April 2014 44 pip May 2014 (Today...
  13. L

    EURUSD News Impact Strategy

    Just To Share My Strategy to Trade after News Release Today News Focus - 13 March 2013 USD-Retail Sales (MoM) at 12.30 GMT - Medium risk to trade on this news - Small Pip Profit might can get - Range of pip estimate is not signification Trading Strategy : - Wait until 5...
  14. J

    Find Out if News Trading is Right For YOU!

    Find Out if News Trading is Right For YOU! Find out what you need to start news trading successfully. Find out what simple trading strategies news traders use Find out how you can become a news trader and profit from the daily news on your favorite currency pair. Trade the news...
  15. Enivid


    Discuss Amazing expert advisor. Amazing should be used to trade during the news - you can set the news date, hour and minute and watch as it follows the range breakouts caused by the news. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here. See also: Upgraded version by kjw425.