Did you earn from Forex?

Discussion in 'General Forex Discussion' started by Samuel23, May 25, 2012.

  1. Michelle Yeoh

    Michelle Yeoh Trader

    Well, I have been doing Forex trading since 2011! Honestly, in the first 2 years, I struggled a lot as like others new traders! But right now I am making quite a decent monthly income here! By the way, I am not trading with a particular monthly target!
  2. inggo

    inggo Master Trader

    we earn some we loose some, some stay and many leave, thats been the trend for years, only a few cling on for whats left of it haha but seriously yes, we do earn and thats why we are still here.
  3. Ary Barroso

    Ary Barroso Active Trader

    Basically, only pro traders are able to make regular money here! Because, they are with the dimensional trading skill; only basic trading knowledge isn’t enough here.
  4. FrankII

    FrankII Newbie

    Yes, but pro traders have only the bigger chance to get profit. Each trader has different periods when earn and lose some funds. Trading and earning follow the same rules as forex market: some movement and it's correction.
  5. If you want to make money, start with at least $3000. Only risk 1% of your capital. Each pip of movement in the forex market results in a$10 gain/loss if you trade a standard lot (100,000 in currency).
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  6. new digital

    new digital Master Trader

    Most professors who teach in business schools feel that most technical analysis rules are historic , and are aids for gamblers.Gamblers need a reason to bet , and technical anylysis gives gamblers the reason.

    A recent study by finance professors at Massey University in New Zealand examined more than 5,000 technical trading rules to see if they added value. The authors found "no evidence that the profits to the technical trading rules we consider are greater than those that might be expected due to random data variation."


    Most of you will give opinions of why t/a works , you can not provide any evidence or studies because technical anylysis can not be tested , it does not always work , all context can not be applied in testing , emotional trading failures due to t/a failure can't be tested , stress and it's negative influences of t/a can't be back tested.WTF. F O S .

    All using TA will lose money , T/A is lagging T/A ,I don't trade forex anymore . I use mathematical formulas to trade.I don't use T/A.
  7. Ann

    Ann Active Trader

    Yes, I earned on forex. The first 5 years I just lost money. It began immediately, in the first year. I received a profit, but in the end, once I lost my account with a profit. It lasted 5 years. Then I began to earn. Sometimes I still lose accounts, but I win more and manage to withdraw profits.
  8. Mauk

    Mauk Trader

    From the nature of your question, its quite evident that you are new to trading, so welcome to the community. It is true that people make big money from forex trading, but you have to know that it is a very risky business and it takes time and practice before you learn the market enough to start making profits consistently. Try it on demo first before you go live. Whether it is good for you or not, is upon you to decide
  9. Kennyrice

    Kennyrice Trader

    Yes, I earn money from forex. And I still now working for money in forex.
  10. Ary Barroso

    Ary Barroso Active Trader

    Nice to know your success story! I am sure, you used the demo on the right way & this is why now you are on the way of success!

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