$10 will provide you with this essential MT4 trading simulator.



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My intent here is to showcase the MT4 Trading Simulator that I developed to help traders find their edge to successfully trade.

Using "The Original Strategy Tester" EA will help you to quickly master or develop your trading strategy in the MT4 strategy Tester.

$10 will get you this essential Forex learning aid. You can download it right away from


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It's no secret that the better you get at understanding how the markets move the more successful Forex trader you will become. The only way to be a better Forex trader is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and more PRACTICE. I designed The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant so you can do just that. Using this tool you can trade in the MT4 strategy tester environment just as you would on a live chart. The Forex Game is a 5.3 trillion dollar market? It is the fastest growing online opportunity. Millions of people are already getting a piece of that pie. It’s not easy, the market is dominated by banks, hedge funds and large corporations. If you think it is easy to get money from them you are in for a shock. Forex trading holds great promise for those who invest the time and effort required to learn the game. And the only way to learn and get better is to practice religiously. The more and smarter you practice the faster you will get better. How to be a profitable forex trader? practice Train your brain to quickly recognize chart patterns and profitable opportunities Be organized because successful trading is about discipline, using logic over emotion. Don't rush into trading! Practice!

Traders Love my EA!

"This has to be the best MT4 testing application I've ever seen. Its simple and functional and best of all you can use all your custom indicators. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank You so much !" JH USA

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May 9, 2020
Hi , I saw your video. Tool looks good. Been looking for a way to practice. Does your simulator work on the weekends when the market is closed?