mt4 trading simulator

  1. mt4ninja

    MT4 Ninja - Trading Simulator

    MT4 Ninja - Trading Simulator The only simulator you will ever need to become successful at trading forex, stocks and commodities using Metatrader 4. MT4 Ninja allows you to trade any instrument at any time in a controlled Metatrader 4 test environment. Yes, even at weekends when the markets...
  2. ZEB4X

    $10 will provide you with this essential MT4 trading simulator.

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by, My intent here is to showcase the MT4 Trading Simulator that I developed to help traders find their edge to successfully trade. Using "The Original Strategy Tester" EA will help you to quickly master or develop your trading strategy in the MT4 strategy Tester. $10...
  3. M

    MT4 Trading Simulator

    MT4 Trading Simulator Practice and improve your Forex trading skills quickly and efficiently. This program uses the built-in Metatrader's Strategy Tester to simulate manual trading in the past. It allows you to test your trading skills on historical data. Read more or download free demo...