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    Learn Forex Trading with FXOpen Forum

    We are What we Do Understanding Harmonic Chart Patterns Understand in Details and Get the Answers from the Experienced Forex Traders and FXOpen Forum Members. Learn Forex Trading with FXOpen Forum
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    $10 will provide you with this essential MT4 trading simulator.

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by, My intent here is to showcase the MT4 Trading Simulator that I developed to help traders find their edge to successfully trade. Using "The Original Strategy Tester" EA will help you to quickly master or develop your trading strategy in the MT4 strategy Tester. $10...
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    $10 will get you this essential tool. Simple MT4 Trading Simulator

    Hi, Using "The Original Strategy Tester" EA that I developed will help you to quickly master or develop your trading strategy in the MT4 strategy Tester. $10 will get you this essential Forex learning aid. You can download it right away from http://zeb4x.ca Don't rush into trading...
  4. samandar

    Unfair Methods of FOREX Trading Disclosed

    Here I'm going to introduce you this book "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading" which I found some interesting information there. The book covers manual, automated and predictive trading. In manual trading it claims: The following is an example of a manual trading setup...
  5. Enivid

    What Forex Book Has Helped You the Most?

    What Forex book was the most helpful one of all you've ever read? The one that has influenced your style of trading or money management approach? Unfortunately, for me there are no such books because I've began my Forex education with the practice before I've found out that there are so many...
  6. samandar

    A Great Book To Learn Forex Trading And Start Making Money

    If you are a Forex beginner and have started trading recently, or you are currently trading without impressive results or even have tried Forex many times before but have failed again and again, you are one in a million lucky persons that has landed on this ad. I’m going to introduce you a...
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    Newbie... :)

    Hello, very glad I found this site. I am a newbie. I just ran across (and joined) this forum today and I am quite happy to find this ability to discuss Forex trading.
  8. Alt_Invest

    Greg Secker Live in London Tuesday July 28 - Grange Tower Hill 18:00 - 21:30

    Just a few tix left - grab yours here >> Greg Secker LIVE in #London - one night only!! FREE event. 28 Jul, 18:00-21:00, Grange Hotel, Tower Bridge, London UK Limited space - get your free tickets here >> http://bit.ly/1HMkAGr Greg is one of the most successful forex dealers of all...
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    This Is It, Trading Just Got Personal

    Our sister site ForexRazor.com has been outfitted with some great new (and, yes, free) features. Built by traders for traders, Forex Razor - offering free trading tools with a focus on maximum precision and transparency - has released its industry-first, customizable home-page dashboard...
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    Sign Up to New Two-Week Demo Account Trading Contest

    Achieve Your Best Equity Increase – While Keeping Your Drawdown Less Than 10% Forex Razor is hosting another trading contest - The Safe Trader's Contest - with thousands in cash prizes just hours from now, don't worry registration is still open :) Leverage 1:50; Opening Demo Account...
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    Not Every Trade Makes Money

    How true it is, not every trade does make money. Traders, after analysis of various inputs, reach a conclusion, and enter the trade. The analysis can include a myriad of inputs. Initially, most traders tend to rely on technical analysis, probably because it is easier to get a rudimentary...
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    Become a Profitable and Confident Forex Trader

    ForexAtom now offers a Forex Education service through Andrew Mitchem, The Trading Coach. Andrew had developed a simple, but highly effective system for identifying trading opportunities that is based on price action. His system will work for any currency pair and on any time frame by alerting...
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    How To Be Successful In Forex

    Hello, My first thread on this forum and I thought I'd talk about starting out in Forex. I remember when I first started out. It's very exciting and there are many ways of making extra income with Forex trading. My only problem when I started out was the amount of sales clutter on the net...
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    Learn Forex

    Fxstay Team provide best forex education package for newbies and professionals . Learn Forex completely FREE step by step at our website www.Fxstay.com
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    The Forex Heatmap (tm) Version 2.0 Is Now Available

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    Free forex education, e-books, best brokers rating etc.

    Find the best forex brokers, a lot of free forex educational material, profitable and reliable expert advisor on www.forex-genius.com
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    Best forex brokers and not only...

    Find the best forex brokers, a lot of free forex educational material, profitable and reliable expert advisor on www.forex-genius.com
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    New forex site

    Find a lot of free forex educational materials, forex brokers review, reliable and profitable expert advisor on www.forex-genius.com
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    The Wild Card Gold 24 Aug 2009

    The Wild Card Gold 24 Aug 2009 Monday, 24 Aug 2009 Will the ,'s Bearish Trend Continue this Week? The Wild Card Gold Gold prices saw a bullish trend during last week's trading session, and an ounce of gold is currently traded for over $952. However, as a bearish cross is taking...