back testing

  1. ezraluandre

    MT4 Error 4108 (ERR_INVALID_TICKET)

    Hi everyone, I encountered with error 4108 which is invalid ticket. I looked on the log and it clearly trying to close order that has already closed like image below. I've looked into my code but still failed to find which part that make this error occurred. Anyone knows why it tries to close a...
  2. fxsaber

    TesterReport - feel the full power of MT5 tester in one click!

    After MT4, there is a rejection of MT5 due to an incomprehensible order system. This is especially true in the Strategy Tester: MT4 report is intuitive, unlike MT5. For this reason, when it comes to publishing, for example, a report of the next Expert Advisor in the form of an html file on the...
  3. ssmith04

    Super Billion EA

    This is a swing trading EA Asking $200. You will make that back in 1 hour. Minimum account size $500 per .01 lot This link is for the tester only Store Link...
  4. ZEB4X

    $10 will provide you with this essential MT4 trading simulator.

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by, My intent here is to showcase the MT4 Trading Simulator that I developed to help traders find their edge to successfully trade. Using "The Original Strategy Tester" EA will help you to quickly master or develop your trading strategy in the MT4 strategy Tester. $10...
  5. M

    Make a lot of money with backtest results!

    Want to make a lot of money? Losing too much? Trade only what really wins! No hocus pocus or "get rich overnight" non sense. Only well known proven strategies!