1. PaulVic

    MT4 Vol/spread factor

    Hi There.. does anyone know is there an MT4 indicator that can place a number made up of "volume/spread" over each price bar (volume divided by spread). The number could be based on the total spread (high/low) and open/close. There would need to be an input to adjust the number (by a ceretain...
  2. N

    Volume Spread Analysis

    Does anyone have any study material regarding Volume Spread Analysis
  3. ezraluandre

    Ask, Bid and spread in relation with stop order

    Hi I'd like to ask about ask, bid and spread. In general I know what those words mean but there are things I want to clarify. example, at current bar ask = 1.06200 bid = 1.06190 spread = 10 If I open long position at current market price then I will open at the ask price and when I want to...
  4. W

    What is Rebate

    As the title, can somebody introduce for me, more detail will be better
  5. B

    Demo vs Live Accounts Slippage and Spreads

    Hi all, Is it safe to assume that all brokers who have a demo account, the demo account matches the live account's slippage and spreads? When asking some of them directly, they said yes ... but want to get the take from the fellow community here :-) Thank you!
  6. F

    Does Your Broker Offer Fair Trading Rights?

    FXGROW PROMOTES FAIR TRADING RIGHTS FOR INVESTORS Do you know your rights? As an FxGrow Live Account holder you would have special rights that other traders do not. FxGrow provide all clients with the tools to maximize their ability to succeed in the world’s financial markets, all of which are...
  7. F

    FX revolution: true interbank market

    Revolution in FOREX trading is coming! I am an active trader and institutional partner of a renowned Swiss bank. For active FX traders I am able to provide trading on true interbank market through the Swiss bank account with superior institutional trading conditions: - spread from 0.0 pips...
  8. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 810

    MetaQuotes has released a new update for MetaTrader 4 platform today. The build 810 updates a lot of various aspects of the platform, mostly bringing it back on track with the latest improvements in MT5. Moreover, it also adds some new features that are not yet in MT5 and will appear there only...
  9. S

    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    Hello, I am not experience with martingale system, I see many ea that use this and show good result in the myfxbook. But read that this will blow account in one day soon? Can anyone make comments?
  10. E

    Which is your favorite broker and why ?

    Which broker is your favorite broker? Plese also explain why? what conditions they offer to you which makes them your favorite broker
  11. R

    metatrader broker for index ?

    hi traders hi traders 1-any body knows brokers with normal and low spread on metatrader?? like germany DAX and crude oil with 1 or 2 tick spread? 2-any body knows brokers under 1 pip on metatrader for forex?? thanks
  12. I

    ICM Capital Reduce Spread on Gold to 40 Cents

    ICM Capital announces that spreads on Gold will be tightened to 40 Cents on all Demo and Live accounts. ICM Capital’s competitive spreads were only just recently reduced on the popular currency pairs: EUR/USD to 1.6 pips, GBP/USD to 2.7 pips, USD/CHF to 2.8 pips and USD/JPY to 1.9 pips. In a...
  13. E

    Spread Data Exporter

    This exporter exports historical spreads from you current MT4 account. You cannot export historical spreads from the history center, so this can help you build up your research data. The parameters for the expert are the following: frequency: in seconds, how often should the spread be saved to...
  14. B

    What is the Best Broker, To Withdraw High Money??

    Hello, But I need a broker that is trusted to deposit and withdraw amounts above 10,000 USD, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because me and my partner of Canada will open an investment program. And I need greater security for the withdrawal. In the early days, probably, we'll have...
  15. Joint Solutions

    InstaForex rebate, you trade - we pay!

    There are many Forex trading strategies and to find or to create one takes time and effort. However there is a way to increase profitability of each trade, without any outlays - that is rebate project. Rebate project provides opportunity to recieve real money for each and every trade with no...
  16. C


    CashbackForex (Cashback4x.com) is a place to for people looking for Forex brokers, Forex services or Forex products. The working of this company is simple. Forex companies and brokers pay Cashback4x.com a commission on every sale, or every trade placed on a brokerage account opened through...
  17. F


    Hi to all. I tried the Spread indicator for MT5. When I want to change the corner lets say to upper right corner, the display disappears. Does anybody know how to fix this? regards fxwalb PS can not upload the file http://www.earnforex.com/mt5-forex-indicators/Spread.mq5