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    MetaQuotes has released a new update for MetaTrader 4 platform today. The build 810 updates a lot of various aspects of the platform, mostly bringing it back on track with the latest improvements in MT5. Moreover, it also adds some new features that are not yet in MT5 and will appear there only next week.

    The most important news is that support for the MetaTrader 4 Builds earlier than 745 will be discontinued on May 22 (in one week). So, it is really time to update if you have not done so yet.

    The list of notable changes in build 810 include:

    • Rent feature added to the Market.
    • Indicator backtesting is now possible in Strategy Tester.
    • Fixed operation of virtual hosting service via Mac OS and Linux; improved logging for virtual hosting.
    • Spread display added to Market Watch subwindow. It can be turned off. This
    • change makes my Spread indicator kind of obsolete.
    • News can now be filtered by categories.
    • Improved terminal's display for higher screen resolutions (4K).
    • WebRequest() function to send web requests with custom headers from within MQL4 code.
    • GetMicrosecondCount() function to get the number of microseconds that have passed since the program launch.
    • FileOpenHistory() function is no longer available to expert advisors in backtesting.
    • SignalBaseGetString() function can now return SIGNAL_BASE_CURRENCY property of ENUM_SIGNAL_BASE_STRING enum to give you a signal provider's account base currency's name.
    • ChartGetInteger() function can now return CHART_SHOW_ONE_CLICK property of ENUM_CHART_PROPERTY enum to give you the status of "One click trading" - whether it is enabled or disabled.
    • CopyTime() function now returns the number of full bars between dates.
    • Fixed a huge amount bugs.

    Build 810 should be available via auto-update service of MetaQuotes demo server. It will be in a beta testing period on demo servers for some time before brokers will update it on live accounts. A full list of changes is available on the MetaQuotes forum.

    If you find some bug or want to share your impression about the latest MT4 build, please post below.
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    it is awesome update indeed
  3. Enivid

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    Why did you decide to comment on a year-old update?

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