What is the Best Broker, To Withdraw High Money??


Dec 3, 2012

But I need a broker that is trusted to deposit and withdraw amounts above 10,000 USD, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because me and my partner of Canada will open an investment program. And I need greater security for the withdrawal. In the early days, probably, we'll have money with 4 digits, but after a few weeks, there will be high-money involved.

It is very important that it offer deposit and withdrawal to e-currencies. Liberty Reserve at least.

It is also important to have low Spread (preferably fixed), because it is for short-term operations.

If the broker has little or no bureaucracy in the registry will be perfect!:D

P.s: I'm new to the Forum, so if I'm in the wrong area, or there is already a post related to this, excuse me.