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  1. TradeAmber

    Trade Amber News, Giveaways & Discounts

    Trade Amber is a UK based prop firm who is focused on fairness to traders. We provide sensibly priced challenges without complex rules that some use to trip traders up. Our mission is simple, to fund traders and earn with them, not to profit from failed challenge revenues. We plan to bring...
  2. pointblankcap

    Point Blank Capital - April Update

    Hi everyone, My name’s Dan and I’m the CIO here at Point Blank Capital. We’re a prop firm based in the UAE, and I wanted to let you know a little more about what we offer: Competitively-priced evaluations from $10,000 all the way up to $500,000 Lenient and fair evaluation conditions with...
  3. hayseed

    apex futures attempt

    looks like the forex prop dynasty is crumbling here in the states...... figured i might start scratching about for something else...... no harm in spreading my losses around...... looked into futures this weekend.... signed up with a single apex 25k this morning...... took at most 15...
  4. H

    MT4 coding and EA

    I've heard that most of the prop firms such as FTMO, MFF, 5ers etc does not allow custom EAs on the test challanges. Is this correct ? Can someone with any similar experience please share. I've started learning MQL4 for MT4 and also planning to learn coding language for MT5. However, the end...
  5. L

    EA useless when trading with prop firms

    Guys a lot of ea are being sabotaged on prop challenges. if you think you can just run trendline EA or even the chart pattern EA from earnforex. its a rigged game . the charts just freeze then unfreeze when removing them. ftmo and funddnext. your gonna have to use a copier. i could tell you more...
  6. S

    Skilledfundedtraders Coupon Code

    Skilled Funded Traders is a proprietary trading firm seeking experienced traders to participate in our 2-Stage evaluation process and potentially become a funded trader. Upon successfully completing the evaluation, traders can remotely manage funds and grow their account through our scaling...
  7. vnmzrn

    TFF review by myself

    Guys, I didn't find the review about True Forex Funds, and try it by myself. Because founded a lot of not good info about this prop firm. I have passed my 1 and 2 phase and already get a first payout to my crypto. Will see the next time, I guess I can make more than 106$ like in my first try in...
  8. S

    Best Prop Firm - Smartproptrader Discount Code

    Best spreads and commission payouts in the industry. News trading, hedging(within the same account only), weekend positions and ea trading are allowed. For Discount of 5% Use Code, Alpha50 If you have any questions please contact me on telegram, super1219
  9. FX2Funding

    FX2 Funding - Ultimate Trading Kit Giveaway - $1,000+ of trading gear for three lucky traders in the community [SIGN UP FOR FREE]!

    Hey All! This is David Dombrowsky, CEO and Founder of the brand new prop firm FX2 Funding. Our mission statement is to be the true "TRADER'S FIRST" prop firm. I'd love to start a thread here about how we can change the prop firm industry with the most personal touch. I’m stoked to let you...
  10. Enivid

    Prop Trading Subforum

    We have launched a new subforum - Prop Trading. Please use it to discuss everything related to trading Forex (or other financial instruments) via proprietary firms. Please don't start discussions about prop firms in other sections. Thank you!
  11. hayseed

    My FTMO Challenge

    before last week i could not even spell ftmo...... several guys over on another forum started out discussing it's pros and cons, which of course turned into kicking up some dust..... seems their time could be better spent..... made me wonder what all the fuss was about...... the...
  12. A

    I want to be a funded trader. Is FundedNext a good choice?

    Hello everyone, I am very new to the world of prop trading industry. I have been trading for one and a half year and been profiting quite good. But the amount is not so good and i want to profit more. That is why I am looking for a prop firm. After researching a lot, I came across a few and...
  13. FundedNext

    FundedNext- Our Fund, Your Profit

    Greetings, traders! I am Abdullah Jayed, CEO of FundedNext. We are a new proprietary firm by the digital business group NEXT Ventures, launching on 18th March, 2022. Throughout my journey of working closely with trading communities, I have always thought of empowering the traders financially...
  14. Ronnie Bailey

    Benefits of Trading With Prop Firm

    A Prop Firm's primary value is that your best interests are truly aligned with theirs, and your success is their success. This is because the Prop Firm makes money by taking a percentage of the profits of the profitable trader rather than charging commission. At a Prop Firm, you are trading the...
  15. fidelcrest

    What is your most Profitable Trading Strategy?

    As a Trader, what is your most Profitable Trading Strategy and what Instrument has been your most profitable?
  16. D

    Fidelcrest - Funding For Traders | Manage Up To $400K In Capital

    Fidelcrest is a Prop Firm that provides funding for traders worldwide after they pass our Challenge. Traders are able to trade from anywhere in the world and can choose from some of the Top Regulated Brokers. Trade all instruments available from brokers such as: Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks...
  17. The5ers

    The5ers - Funding Forex Traders & Growth Program

    The 5%ers (The-Five-Percenters) is a Funded Forex Trading and Growth Program. We provide unique career enhancers for worldwide Forex traders, including a hyper growth plan to boost capital levels and earn higher profits. Our fund was established by two former, professional forex traders, who’s...
  18. atlasmckenzie - World's First Subscription Based Trading Platform

    Hello Traders, my name is Atlas & I am the marketing manager at Blufx. Blufx is the world's first subscription based trading platform designed to help the best Forex traders rise to the top on the FX spot market. We are based in the UK & have been in operation for over 2 years as a talent...