Fidelcrest - Funding For Traders | Manage Up To $400K In Capital


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Fidelcrest is a Prop Firm that provides funding for traders worldwide after they pass our Challenge.

Traders are able to trade from anywhere in the world and can choose from some of the Top Regulated Brokers. Trade all instruments available from brokers such as: Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks, Energies, Crypto and more! When applying for a Challenge, traders also have the option to choose ECN or Standard Spreads.

Pass the 1 Step Challenge, and start managing real capital during the Verification Stage (Step 2). During the Verification Stage, you can start earning Profit Split Commission on profits! Our highest paying payout during the Verification Stage was almost $15K! The rules during the Verification Stage are a bit tighter. Once you pass the Verification Stage, you move on to a Fully Funded Pro Trader Account where rules and limits are relaxed and Traders have the option to reach out to our Risk Management Team for custom account options to help with your trading style.

Think you have what it takes to pass the Challenge and manage up to $400K in Trading Capital? Get started HERE!