1. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 3260

    MetaQuotes released a new version of the MetaTrader 5 platform yesterday - Build 3260. It is now available via automatic update in your broker's platform. The update adds some exciting new features to the MT5 platform: Added a bulk position closing facility - you no longer need specialized...
  2. Zeland

    Option Levels Analysis

    Only clear intraday entry points for the major currency pairs of the Forex market, Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, WTI crude oil, Gold and S&P500.
  3. L

    Can someone explain to me DOW futures & their correlation to the DOW?

    Good afternoon. I have two questions that I hope somebody here can help me out with... Are DOW futures the only pre/post market indicators to the next day's prospective performance? Is it a reliable analysis to use for that? If the futures appear to be positive, would a day/swing traders...
  4. L

    How does VIX index influences forex and USA stock market

    I have red that VIX index is the volatility index. My question would be: How does it influence the forex and the stoks market? In those days interest rates have been rised, but the market has reacted not so bad in the end, well how did perform the VIX about this...
  5. Thomas Berks

    What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach.

    Introduction: Hello world, ohh sorry! Hello dear colleague’s traders and I hope my future friends. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Berks. I am 32 years old, and I have been in trading and investing already more than 12 years. I began my career at Morgan Stanley bank, as an assistant...
  6. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 1135

    MetaQuotes has rolled out a new MT5 update yesterday - Build 1135. It makes a lot of serious changes to nearly all aspects of the trading platform. The most important are listed here: It is now possible to pay for a product in MQL5 Market without registration in the MQL5 portal. It also not...
  7. garena

    How can I trade Commodities?

    I see many trader are trading commodities (wheat, oil, platium,...) But I don't see them on MT4 program, how can we trade them and does it work like currency trading (forex)?
  8. F

    free markets blog

    Twenty years as a market professional. Written for street.com and others. Free daily blog on general markets but forex and binary focus. Check it out. https://fxblend.wordpress.com/
  9. T

    Harmonic Math, Financial Astrology, & Other Progressive Approaches

    Direct Application To Forex, Futures, Options, And All Markets Worldwide
  10. Enivid

    Agriculture Futures?

    Anyone trading any agriculture futures here? Corn, cattle, wheat, sugar, anything? Looking at the charts for these commodities makes me think that there's decent profit to be made from the simple range trading, as the volatility is rather high. What do you think?
  11. A

    Dig your goldmine now and get your cash

    "With TradeMiner, you can get way Above Average Market Returns with Significantly Lower Average Risk by only taking the Highst Portability Trades!" Don't waist your time and get the Mony now!!!! http://www.trademiner.com/?hop=amgoldmine
  12. Enivid

    Forex Magazines

    Hello all! Do you read any Forex magazines? And if yes, what? I read Currency Trader Magazine (subscribed to it back in 2007 and still reading). It's a nice monthly magazine, but unfortunately it has degraded in quality during last months. Nevertheless, it's still completely free and has a...
  13. M

    Managed Forex, Alternative Investments, Futures, Private Placement Blog

    Hello Everybody, Have you ever heard of alternative investments like forex, futures, private placement or others? If not, then you are in for a treat! If so, visit our Blog for free education on the top alternative investment markets. Unlike any other investment blog, we uncover the truths of...