What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach.

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    Introduction: Hello world, ohh sorry! Hello dear colleague’s traders and I hope my future friends. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Berks. I am 32 years old, and I have been in trading and investing already more than 12 years. I began my career at Morgan Stanley bank, as an assistant of investment manager, and my last vacation was Citadel Global Equities Master Fund Ltd in position of strategy development manager. To be clear I’m millionaire.

    Over the years I saw different methods in Investing and Trading, some use Technical analysis, some Fundamental, Price Action, VSA, Delta or even more complex as a Neutral networks or Financial Astrology.

    You know that over 98% loses money in trading, and this is TRUE. Just face reality 9 of 10 traders will lose. Its terrible stats. So we have to do something about it, and use methods and tactics in which we SURE and CONFIDENT that will makes profit/money to our pockets. Solet’ssee…

    - How traders trade the most?! Or the road, which you shouldn't go...

    - Generally most of the traders trying to trade via Technical and Fundamental analysis. Someone use a tape/level 2, volume, impulses/pullbacks/breakouts, someone bought a miracle indicator and itching to try it on the market, some trade with the trend and some against it. There are more and more interesting types of trading such as price Manipulation, algorithmic, seasonal, etc.

    YOU really think you need to learn all this techniques and methods to make profits?!

    From all above methods - price Manipulation guarantee stable profits, but this not safe.. FOR that you can go to prison for more than 20 years…

    Do YOU really think that Warren Buffett or large hedge funds are sitting in their offices and draw a trend line, or watching the price patterns?!

    - So who can help you to learn how to earn money?!

    - The market itself. Yes, yes just market. You don't need to go anywhere, to buy some miracle course or indicator, you just need to dedicate yourself to study market by yourself, take time on market research. In silence, alone, without distractions...

    - Ohh man I wanna make money, what I need to do?!!

    - I will leave quote from one of the greatest traders: "In going over the history of markets and the great mass of related statistics, it soon becomes apparent that certain laws govern the changes and variations in the value of stocks, and that there exists a periodic or cyclic law which is at the back of all these movements. Observation has shown that there are regular periods of intense activity on the Exchange followed by periods of inactivity."

    Do you think that market moves chaotically?! So explain to me HOW S&P 500 and Dow Jones in 2012, perfectly repeated, went and traded like in 1929?!
    See attach 1.

    Still believe in coincidence?!

    I'll tell you moreover, that you can know all intraday moves in advance, I'm not talking about predicting, guessing, or hope, I talk about to KNOW where, when and what will be the price in European, American session...

    - So what we should do exactly?

    Just post rite the WIDER the market, remove all your indicators, all your news and learn just clear charts! By your eyes... Below are a few pictures, you can see how the market repeated the same patterns... And at different instruments, at different time periods, the same models..

    See attach 2.

    And this approach works in every market, every timeframe.

    I will attach some screens of my past activity in 2013, when I left Citadel fund and began trading for myself. From tomorrow I will post my trades here…

    If topic will be interesting for you, I can continue..

    If you have questions you can write it here or to my mail thomas.berks.84@gmail.com, I gladly will answer. Skype - thomas.berks.


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    Hi tom im really into this will this thread continue please?
    just quick question. why your chart showing 2013? can you show your last live/demo trade?

    thx tom

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    Count me in I am very eager to learn.
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    Hmm still there are opportunity to become millionaire lol, my trading career is not smoothly to making money indeed often many times get failure and margin call, I can't deny, but still learn how to trade well in this field, and still enjoy to treat as part time job only, this make more spirit
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    Can you provide more detail about this? Anyway we can use your method?
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    Hello Thomas,
    it would be great to see more trades
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    Very interested, please continue.
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    Hi Thomas
    very very interesting
    but why not proceed because it can help all traders who are still looking for what strategy is good for this forex trading
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    Hi Thomas really interesting. Keep going with this thread.
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    Missing since Mar 17, 2016...
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    He lost and dissapeared

    You know that over 98% loses money in trading, and this is TRUE. Just face reality 9 of 10 traders will lose. Its terrible stats.
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    The thread starter disappeared, which is quite a tragedy, considering that this thread was very informative and educative. Looks like many traders loved the idea and waited for more posts, so I'd suggest we don't let this thread die. You can post what big traders won't let out, for newbies to learn. I like the issue of price manipulation, but I cant risk prison for all those years. I'd rather trade for 20 years and make that profit. lol
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    everybody on forums suffers from the dunning kruger effect


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