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  1. FXTrader29

    Algorithmic Trading With Python Course

    Python is a powerful object oriented general purpose language. Python is increasingly being used for machine learning, data science, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence. A number of forex brokers now provide APIs that use python for algorithmic trading. I have developed this course...
  2. FXTrader29

    Behavior Finance For Traders And Investors Course

    Standard finance cannot explain market behavior. Standard finance stipulates that markets are efficient and we cannot predict the future price from the past price. But we know technical analysis works. Price is not a random walk. Behavior Finance is a new subject that explains most of the facts...
  3. xtreamforex

    XtreamForex Bonuses and Contest

    Did You Join XtreamForex Demo Contest Trade In Demo - Earn In Real Only 3 days left to participate XtreamForex Demo Contest. Registration End: March 17, 2017 Contest Start: 20 March | GMT+2 POOL PRIZE $ 20,000 USD Every demo trader will have $50,000 with 1:500 leverage to start demo...
  4. FXTrader29

    Java For Algorithmic Trading Course

    Java is a very powerful system programming language that is being used by professionals. You can develop Android Apps using Java. You can develop video games using Java. You can do robotics using it. You can do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Java. When it comes to speed and...
  5. FXTrader29

    Ultimate Profit Solution Hidden Money Levels Trading System FREE Download

    Yesterday Toshko Raychev gave his Profit Spring Trading System FREE. Today he is giving his Hidden Money Levels Trading System FREE. You can download Hidden Money Levels Trading System 2 custom indicators, template and 11 page PDF FREE. Hidden Money Levels Trading System is trend following...
  6. Hough Stafford

    What's the difference between resource traders and banks?

    Hi, I don't know if this was been already has a thread but I am interested to know more about trading. With this thread, I am interested to know whether resource traders and big banks have any huge difference? In a case, as we all know that big banks have great advantage, would it be...
  7. Hough Stafford

    Effective Way to Earn from Forex Trading?

    Hi, I am new in this forum but I am not new to forex. I just want to discuss effective strategies you have in order to have an effective and as much as possible way to have a fast profit.What is your fastest time to gain profit?
  8. FXTrader29

    Particle Filter For Traders Course

    Particle Filter is a Simulation Monte Carlo Method that is popular with Quants on Wall Street. Today with the increased computational power available on laptops and desktops, it is very easy to build a particle filter. In this Particle Filter For Traders course we show you in simple and easy...
  9. FEW

    Currency Strength Indicator for 28 Pairs

    A currency strength indicator can be a valuable part of any forex trading system. Using the power of individual currencies and the logic of parallel and inverse analysis, trading would be next to impossible without such indicators. Check out these strength indicators and add these simple but...
  10. FXTrader29

    Probability And Statistics For Traders Course

    There are many courses on probability and statistics. But there is no course that teaches how you can apply probability and statistics in your trading. We have created this Probability and Statistics For Traders Course in which we show you how to use this powerful tool in your trading. This is a...
  11. FXTrader29

    Deep Learning For Traders Course Show How To You Artificial Intelligence In Trading

    Deep learning is creating a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence. Can we finally develop thinking machines? Maybe this is the beginning. We have not yet reached the stage where machines can think like us humans. What we can do is train the machines to solve a particular problem...
  12. FXTrader29

    Python Machine Learning For Traders Course

    We have developed this Python Machine Learning For Traders Course. Python is rapidly overtaking R as the language of choice for machine learning and data science. In this course, we should you how to use Python in developing Machiine Learning Artificial Intelligence Trading Systems.
  13. FXTrader29

    Scientific Trading Machine Money Dot Trading System FREE Download By Nicola Delic

    Nicola Delic is opening the doors to his Scientific Trading Machine during the next week. As part of his prelaunch sequence, Nicola is giving his proven and tested Money Dot Trading System. Download Money Dot Trading System custom indicators, templates and PDF that explains it FREE. In the next...
  14. FXTrader29

    Artificial Neural Networks For Traders Course

    Neural Network software for trading are being sold in the market for thousands of dollars. Instead of buying these expensive software, you can make your own predictive models with this Artificial Neural Networks For Traders course. Neural Networks are the greatest discovery in Artificial...
  15. FXTrader29

    MQL5 Progamming Course With Focus On Fuzzy Logic

    If you are interested in developing your indicators and EAs than you should take a look at this MQL5 Programming Course. In this MQL5 Programming Course, we first introduce you to MQL5 language than we introduce you to fuzzy set theory. We build a few indicators and EAs using MQL5 and fuzzy...
  16. FXTrader29

    MQL5 Fuzzy Logic Course For Traders

    In real life there is nothing black and white. The same happens in trading. Candlestick patterns are never precise. Technical indicators are never precise and always vague. Fuzzy Logic theory has been applied successfully in various walks of life. Bullet trains in Japan are controlled using...
  17. vinayjacobjohn

    Vinay Jacob John here from Bangalore City - India.

    Hello EveryBody here at Earn Forex Forum - My name is Vinay Jacob John from Bangalore - India . How U All Doing ? - Me doing Fine - Hoping to make some Money with Forex Trading -
  18. Yujeong

    Forex trading using expert advisor ichimoku

    This is GBPJPY H1 trading test result and graph using forex robot ichimoku. Strategy test details are below. - period : from 29 July to 28 October - initial deposit : $300 - execution : Normal, open prices only Test result is : - total net profit : $1,038 - sharpe ratio : 0.89...
  19. FXTrader29

    How To Trade With 5 Different Pivot Point Formulas?

    There are 5 different methods to calculate the pivot points and the different support/resistance levels. There is the Standard Pivot Point Formula. Then there are Fibonacci Pivot Point Formula and the Camarilla Pivot Point Formulas which are variations of the standard formula. Woodie's Pivot...
  20. FXTrader29

    Cash Flow Channels Trading System With 2:1 Reward/Risk FREE Download

    If you are looking for a good trading system, then you need not look further. You can download this Cash Flow Channels Trading System 17 page PDF, indicators and template FREE. Cash Flow Channels Trading System has a reward to risk ratio of 2:1 per trade meaning you always win 2 times your loss.