Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing


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Nov 30, 2008
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Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing​

eToro has brought a whole new dimension to the world of online trading with the latest eToro OpenBook release. Join the social game in the foreign markets and indexes and commodities by seeing, copying and earning. Now, you have the power to achieve financial freedom with eToro on the world’s largest social trading network. The system was built for beginners who want to start earning right away. The system is also a great match for experienced traders. Whatever your level, let eToro guide you to earn. With real time analysis of foreign markets, access to your portfolio as well as seeing who are the best traders as they trade and gain. The power of information is at your fingertips!
The latest OpenBook release gives you the power to see information that will make it even easier for you to earn. By using our upgraded presentation options, you will see the wisdom of the crowd. How many followers did a trader gain? For what period? For example, if you see a trader gain 100 followers over the past three days, then maybe you want to monitor what has he done to gain those followers? It probably means it’s an opportunity to earn and by using our intuitive “follow” widget, you can follow them too. Now, with two clicks, you can stop following a user who has been performing poorly and start following a user who has been raking it in.

The advanced filters option in the latest release gives you even more power. Now you can filter eToro’s vast user base by using the ranking feature, based on your detailed preferences. You can use the “risk” levels feature or search by the most popular. That’s not all. You can use the advanced search to define more parameters such as the maximum weekly drawdown and maximum exposure, leverage and much more.

Wait. There’s more. It’s time to go really social by posting your profile describing your trading strategy and increase your exposure. Attract more followers and research who you’d like to follow based on their profile. You now have the opportunity to copy as many as 20 traders.
OpenBook Ranking
Don’t know who to follow? With only one click you can see the top performers activity feed which will show you the most recent activity by the top 100 traders. The choice is yours.

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