1. FEW


    Today in the main session forex trading the EUR was strong on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movements during the main trading session. Images of the live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. The EUR/GBP...
  2. Hong Kong Phooey

    EURUSD 18/11/19 Analysis

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread on the EURUSD pair for mainly fundamental but all analysis welcome. Hope to share and get ideas from the traders here. More than welcome to chip in :) EUR/USD - 18/11/19 Slow start to markets. USD and China officials positive on trade deal but markets...
  3. fxtrait


    ⭐️FX TRADE: EUR - AUD ⭐️ SELL ORDER TYPE: MARKET EXECUTION ENTRY : 1.61600 SL: 1.62545 TP: 1.60500
  4. Boris_Fedotov

    Прогнозы финансовых рынков от Бориса Федотова

    Евро продолжает укрепляться на рынке, экономика еврозоны растет, и инвесторы спешат вложить свой капитал в европейские компании. Но так ли надежна европейская валюта? Действительно, колебание денежного инструмента однозначно влияет на экономику и состояние бизнес-сектора. Все просто – если...
  5. STpatterns

    ST Patterns

    ST Patterns, EUR/USD Profit for May 1-26 ~ +166%
  6. Juhyun Kim

    Technical Analysis for EUR/USD Trade Idea

    [URL deleted] The pair has broken minor trend line resistance 1.0880 and jumped till 1.09062. It is good to buy at dips around 1.08950. I'd be curious to learn from any of you - what do you think of this trading idea for EUR/USD?
  7. jonsmith

    Daily forex signal analysis

    EUR/JPY pair The secondary trend of EUR/JPY is bearish on charts and price is sustaining below trend line in its hourly chart. In hourly chart the price is sustaining below 200 day SMA and taking resistance of 50 day SMA indicating downtrend of the pair. It is having an important resistance at...
  8. jonsmith

    EURGBP trend

    The primary trend of EUR/GBP is bearish on charts and price is sustaining below trend line in its 4 hourly chart. In 4 hourly chart the price is sustaining below 200 day SMA and taking resistance of 50 day SMA indicating downtrend of the pair. Resistance level 0.7110 Support level 0.7010 If it...
  9. jonsmith


    The secondary trend of EUR/USD is bearish on charts. In its daily chart, the pair is sustaining below the trend line and is consolidating at lower levels. Price is sustaining below 200 day SMA indicating the bearish trend in the pair. It is having an important resistance at the level of 1.1280...
  10. jonsmith

    EURJPY hourly alaysis

    SELL SUMMARY: The primary trend of EURJPY is bullish on charts. In its hourly chart, the pair is not sustaining at higher levels and consolidating with strong negative bias to show bearish movement. Its 30 and 200 DMA are also providing...
  11. jonsmith

    EURUSD trend

    #EUR/USD BUY EURUSD WITH SL 1.1268 TP 1.1340 Reply with suggestions
  12. I

    Чего ожидать от рубля и других валют в ближайшее время?

    Настроение рубля меняется, как прогноз погоды в ярко-желтом поисковике, местами облачно с прояснениями. Угадывать и анонсировать настроение отечественной валюты не берется даже Центральный Банк. Евро исполняет сиртаки. Доллар подыгрывает предвыборной гонке в США, Бернанке машет и улыбается...
  13. F

    Forex signals

    eur/usd Sell 1.3040 stop loss 1.3080
  14. J

    Risk-Free Forex Website 1) Risk-Free, the word “lost” is not in our dictionary, you will never lose 2) Easy ways to deposit using PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer 3) You do not need to open any deal by yourself, we will do it 4) Profit will be automatically...
  15. F

    EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, I will be posting our firm's Daily EURUSD forecast outlooks here. The forecasts are simple and easy to read, giving an overview on how we expect the market to perform that very day. Today we expect the EURUSD to proceed North above the 1.31262 to 1.31606 barrier...
  16. O

    EUR German Ifo Business Climate

    After a continues hike in the German Ifo Business Climate, it is now anticipated to be on a dormant position at 107.6 in the later release. This indicator is viewed to affect the overall economic standing as well as the Euros value for this corresponds to the current and future economic activity...
  17. A

    Forex Demo:Bearish Sentiment of EUR Deepens

    Forex Demo—- Andrew Busch, global forex strategist at BMO Capital Markets at Chicago said the other day that as the governmental officials of South European countries returned from their holidays, methods had to be adapted to stimulate employment, and pessimistic sentiment against the euro was...
  18. F

    Interesting Analyses!! Fantastic Benefits!!

    Hallo! We are glad to represent you our site: Here you can find everything that you need to earn money on Forex!! We would like to propose you an example of our technical analyses that could help you to understand better the situation on currency market: EUR/USD The...
  19. F

    Forex Analysis. Make the Right Decision!!

    Hallo! We are always glad to tell you about all the details cobcerning the world of currency trading! EUR/USD The pre-planned break-out variant for buyers was implemented and the achievement of estimated targets is supported by relative bullish activity rise according to OsMA trend indicator...