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Nov 30, 2008
Welcome to EarnForex.com Forum!

This forum was designed as an information and discussion community for all Forex traders. You will probably find the answers to many questions in these forums and you'll have the opportunity to help the other traders.

Please, keep your discussions on-topic. There is a special forum for the off-topic (unrelated to Forex) discussions. Other forums have the description, which can give you a basic hint on its topic, if the forum's title is not enough.

The Forum has no specific rules, but the common sense should be used when you reply to someone or create a new thread. That includes: no warez or links leading to warez, no offensive language, no flood, no meaningless posting, no illegal activities and absolutely no SPAM. If you want to advertise something use the Advetisements forum for that purpose, but limit your ads to 1 per day and they should be related to Forex market.

Have a nice stay!
Not open for further replies.