Forum De-Commercialization


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Nov 30, 2008
All commercial messages and links should be posted only in Advertisements subforum. The following is no longer allowed in the general subforums:

  1. Posts with signature links to commercial sites.
  2. Usernames with the website URLs in them.
  3. News posts with the links to sites other than the original sources of the news.
  4. Forex signal posts with the links to the commercial sites.
  5. Analytical posts with the links to the commercial sites.
  6. Posts with exceedingly overwhelming praises towards brokers/commercial sites.
  7. Email address gathering websites.
  8. Any other product or site endorsement.

Links to the educational resources (like or news sites (like are welcome, but if some site will start getting a suspiciously high level of referencing from some member, it will be removed.

This forum is for traders and about trading. Please, keep all your commercial content to Advertisements subforum. Thank you.
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