Trust management with SteadyTrade

Mathew Murphy

Sep 17, 2011
Hi everyone.
In this post I would like to offer services of several parofessional Forex traders. Their basic stats are represented on our website. If someone is interested detailed, statements can also be provided.
We guarantee stable and fair asset management as we are highly interested in your positive and stable results. Plus we act an independent intermediary between investors and traders.
Investor gets 75% of traders income. Plus investor is the only person who can control, deposit and withdraw funds.
If it will be difficult for you to choose the manager, you can easily contact SteadyTrade support and you'll be given recomendations on what manager to choose according to your wishes and financial apetite.
Managers can be found here
Hope for long cooperation and multiplication of your funds.
Best regards,
Mathew Murphy