Pamm accounts Ratings (FOREX-TREND)


Mar 19, 2011
Forex-Trend - Skopalino Trading branch, majoring in offering the broker services on the financial markets.

Our Advantages:
Fluctuating spreads from 0,1 points
Initial deposit for mini accounts from 20$
Initial deposit for standard accounts from 200$
Credit support up to 1:100
Free demo accounts with unlimited time of use
The latest business news, market technical analyses, trade signals
Professional support service
Various bonuses and contest winner’s benefits
PAMM accounts
Trade terminal – MetaTrader 4
Direct market entering ECN/STP system

PAMM 2.0 - Risk management

Our company has developed a unique product that has no analogues and allows you to distribute your risks of funds loss between the fund manager and investor on pre-set conditions. Now the manager is also responsible for the results of the trade covering results with own capital, so the investor does not have to beart 100% of the risk as it was until now. Please find the link with the detailed description of the service

Advantages of PAMM account for an account manager are the following:
Possibility to set conditions for joining the PAMM-account at own discretion. Manager on his own establishes in the offer the trading period, profit distribution and other essential conditions.
In case of successful trading an unlimited number of investors may join the PAMM-account and it will increase the profit of fund manager.
Automatic distribution of profits excludes fraud due to the control of the investors.

Advantages of PAMM account for investor
are the following:

Absolute control of the funds excluding risk of fraud by fund manager. Funds are deposited on the investor account and only investor can withdraw funds from his account. If investor does not like the results of the trading manager, he may at any time stop the cooperation.
Possibility to evaluate the offers of fund manager on basis of the own manager capital.
Possibility to diversify risks by distribution of funds on different accounts PAMM.


Investing in the Forex market are not only profitable ones, but also it is a high-risk financial instrument. The investor bears the risk of losing all the invested funds or a part thereof. Past results do not guarantee the future results. We provide our customers with service of PAMM-accounts, but we are not the participating party in the offer of funds management and we do not manages clients' funds.

Contacts: Dniepropetrovsk, 2 Glinka Str., Most-City, Tower A, office 106, ground floor.

Phone (056) 732-01-36

Pamm accounts