"Trust management on the principles of adaptive risk"


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Oct 2, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to bring to your attention private trader’s trade results.

Please find below the trading report from the personal trader’s account in the broker company FXDD. Results are updated every 5 minutes. (Monitoring exists for 7 months)
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additional statistics analysis
This account participated in broker FXDD’s competition in March with result more than 700 % for March.
The main prize - Maserati Quattroporte- was gained.

Pamm FXDD there 6 months
on conservative

Also in September created PAMM-account with PFG:

Also in September created PAMM-account with Alpari:

Our trading strategy is based on the nature of the combined systems, the time frames from 1 minute to days and even months time frame. Systems are adaptive, covering all specifics of the market for most trading instruments.
We focus initially on super profitableness.
Default risk on deposit in the conservative management is 20%, but for half a year it did not exceed 10%. With aggressive management, we laid down the risk to 60%, but for half a year it has not exceeded 20%.
Non-trade risks are excluded, at our disposal an entire lab with their own servers, and several independent sources of power and broadband connection to the worldwide network.

We offer you trust management through a Live Account (PAMM-percent allocation money management), opened in a number of brokerage firms controlled by western countries and Russia.
-Dukasscopy-(PAMM operates the terminal jforex, will soon be available to MT4)
-Mbtrading-in perspective

Minimum entrance is 2000 USD or 2000 EUR.
For Russia Company Alpari it is 100 EUR for the novice in the forex spot.

For serious investors (starting from 1 million USD) it is possible to conclude an individual contract, open of trading account with a broker Hotspotfx and meet anywhere in the world.

Also we could assists all clients with opening the bank accounts in the Austrian banking group Raiffeisen bank and leading bank of Cyprus Marfin Laiki Bank (to choose from).

In the near future we plan to create an investment company under the Swiss jurisdiction, we are actively working on this, the news I will report in this topic

Special offer for traders:
We are able to pay 10% of your investor’s net income, calculated every three months, your investor will not be interested in deceiving you, since he can become an agent too.
We will not build tiered networks, we will constantly encourage our agents to seek new investors.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact listed below:

e-mail: ruslion@gmail.com
skype: ruslion2005
icq: 343303825


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Oct 2, 2009
Completed in October.

The following quote statistics of the previous 8 months of 2009 (the beginning of the end of February) with a standard personal account:

March +523%
April -3%
May -7%
June +50%
July -21%
August +16%
September +53%
Oct. -21% total +580%

We prepare your site, but the programmers let down.

Prior to meeting you soon and good luck to us.