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Apr 17, 2013
Super Trading Strategies - Tapping the Hidden Treasure in the Markets

“So much to know, so much to earn

So much wisdom to seek and learn

If we raise our hands, we’ll touch the sky

Our beds are low, our dreams are high…” - Niyi Osundare

I was born into a poor family of many children, and my parents struggled desperately to survive economically. I am a first-hand witness of extreme poverty, suffering, job loss and a high unemployment rate happening in the environment where I used to live. If you are reading this and you think you are currently suffering, you probably did not suffer as much as I did.

Throughout my teenage years, I engaged in hard and exhausting manual labour to support myself and help my parents. This is one reason why I was fortunate enough to get an education.

In spite of this, I was able to perform well at school because I developed an intense love for reading when I was eight years old. I liked to read anything I could lay my hands on. This has helped me gain lots of knowledge in many fields such as electronics, computers, history, literature, etc.

When I was a young adult, the future looked bleak indeed! In spite of my knowledge, I was thinking of taking a loan to get a used car for commercial driving. However, I decided to teach at private schools for a time, for paltry pay, which managed to keep me alive.

In 2007, my uncle called me and advised me to learn Forex trading, because it was very popular in my country at that time. I found someone to train me, but sadly, it was a poor training, and I suffered in the market for the next few years.

No matter what I did I was losing money, until I got to a point where I began to think of doing something else with my life. I went to a friend’s house and I saw an old copy of TRADERS’ magazine on his table. I begged him to lend me the magazine.

I went home to read it and I was enthralled by what Dr. Van. K. Tharp, who was interviewed in the magazine, said about successful traders. There I was! So there are successful traders! What are their secrets? What do they do differently and how might I benefit from their thoughts, trading styles and principles?

The rest is a testimony…

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These quotes end this piece:

“The fact is, if you are trading in a professional way, you are out of the market much of time.” – Andy Jordan

“Psychologists show that most people generally are overconfident about their abilities and about the precision of their knowledge. Security selection can be a difficult task, and it is precisely in such difficult tasks that people exhibit the greatest overconfidence.” - James D. Di Virgilio

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Apr 12, 2017
Well and good! I need this to further study the markets, analyze charts, and learn these super trading strategies to help me make more earnings. Thanks anyway!