The Super Power Forex Trading Secrets.

Aug 25, 2011
Forex Secret Trading: The Super Power Forex Trading Secrets.



A lot of new traders are always looking for forex secrets | forex secret trading | forex trading secrets.
They always think that there must be a secret out there which they do not know of.
True enough, the so called “Forex Secret” lies in the forex trading system.
But that’s not the topic i’m going to touch on today.
Today i’m going to touch on a “Forex Secret Trading Strategy”.
This forex secret trading strategy or should i say: Price action setup is one of my most reliable and delivers great consistent result.
Forex Secret Trading: The Super Power Forex Trading Secrets

As seen in the chart above (highlighted blue box)
It’s a Double Pin Bar.
If you already know. A price action single pin bar is already powerful enough.
But when it forms a double pin bar. Bang!
The magic happens.
And in combination with the direction of the trend. (Very Important)
As you can see in the chart above, its currently in a down trend.
Forex Secret Trading: The Super Power Forex Trading Secrets

The double pin bar is a very powerful entry signal.
And of course when combine with confluence – It increases the winning probability.
I can totally rely on this price action setup alone and make good profits every month.
This is one of my Forex Secret Trading Strategy which i really like.
Go ahead and play around with it.
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See you on the other side my friend,

Ezekiel Chew

Easy Trader

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Sep 17, 2011
This is an area of the forum to share strategy and systems, not to advertise and route traffic to your website. Besides this is a pinbar followed by a bearish outside bar also known as the 'train tracks' or 'tweasers' price pattern by the very old traders out there not a double pinbar. If you wish to share a full strategy here then all is well, if you wish to post one static picture of a strategy and then advertise where to find it then please do so in the advertisments section of the forum.
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