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  1. Wakijanfx

    Wakijanfx Trader

    i want to know ,,what the best and stable trading system,,thanks so much
  2. Enivid

    Enivid Administrator Staff Member

    There is no such system in Forex that could be called "best and stable". There many strategies and multiple ways of applying them. The market is constantly changing and evolving - what works today not necessarily will work tomorrow. If you want to make Forex trading your career, you should learn to trade and to understand the market, then you will be able to adapt your own trading system and make it work in spite of any changes.
  3. harryfibo

    harryfibo Newbie

    Try to check youtube. There are so many practical step by step videos you can use to set up your first trading system.
  4. J_C_Anderson

    J_C_Anderson Trader

    The only way to find the best strategy is to create it, becase the best strategy for each trader is the strategy he knows everything about. Start with reading books about the markets (as much, as possible) - they`ll give you basic understanding. Then, try to watch the trading and to spot interesting idea. The next step would be to define the conditions the idea works in and to add rules. After that, back test your strategy with special software like Forex Tester or built-in TradingView tester. Back testing would help you to find out whether your strategy is profitable or not, and to make changes. If it works well, you can start demo testing. It will show you, how it would work with the impact of psycology. On this stage you will also find you whether it is comfortable for you or not.
    Only after passing all these steps you should start trading with real account.
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  5. AyuIndraswari

    AyuIndraswari Trader

    Trade FOREX on Daily Chart, with plenty of margin. let say you can withstand 500 pips draw down. that is very stable.

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