New to forex, can you help please?

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by tezmay, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. michael smith

    michael smith Banned

    Yeah, YT really helps in education. Fxpipper +1!
    Also I'd recommend to you the "school of Pipsology" - I started with it.
    Next - choose your TS or create it by yourself.
    Choose the broker (I think, Rating sites and reviews will help you with it - also good ratings on the homepage of earnforex)
    Start Demo
    Continue Demo
    Try again Demo)))

    I used demo for two months before starting real. Sometimes I still use demo to test new TS.

    Begin to trade with real. And remember about the RISKS.
  2. trojan

    trojan Trader

    Hi newbies and traders. For now am a newbie with desire to become a trader, so for now I'm reading, learning, practising demo. And I find some e-book with title little offensive- MT4 for dummies. Have you read it?
    The title offends my intellegense...
    How can anyone write that kind of book?
  3. Aby123

    Aby123 Active Trader

    Very well said and I agree.
  4. Kate

    Kate Trader

    Right, that's really GREAT (<--- I am not afraid to say this word) source of knowledge
    I cannot nothing to add here
    Yeah, there is a honest rating page - the first page of this site.
    Very nice words.

    I think almost all of traders makes like Michael

    Oh, this RISKS...(
  5. Exness Support

    Exness Support Active Trader

    There is no best strategy you have to develop your own strategy according to your account your expected profits and your money management. Also all of this depends on whether you are trading part time or full time and how much time and attention you are able to give the market. Learn basics of trading and start trading and see what works for you and what don't and develop your own strategy that's the best thing.
  6. Fxpipper

    Fxpipper Master Trader

    LOL, I cannot think why anyone would want to headline their book with that title unless of course, it is a marketing gimmick..along the lines of "programming for dummies" variant..
    I just wish they had one for US politics, dumbed down version.
    With the dummies in the congress, we would really have to come up with "Delusions of the insane, US politics under the scanner"..

    And that's how they do it..

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