Jun 30, 2017
Hey guys! I'm very new to Forex (<1month) and from what I can see, the potential is awesome. I have been reading a few books and started a demo account with a broker and kinda know some basics from the "New? Start Here" thread -- which is awesome so far -- and some technical analysis tools like SMA, MACD, and RSI; however, I'm sure that we all know that practice makes perfect. From the book that I'm reading, the author says that it is a good idea to have a system that works for you, practice it, and be 110% confident in it.

I am having trouble finding a system and to be honest, I'm not even really sure what a system is. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/ideas for an aspiring FX trader so I can get my feet wet?

*I plan on day trading a 4hr period EUR/USD