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Nov 30, 2008
The latest version (Build 3180) of the MetaTrader 5 platform is now available for automatic update in your broker's platform. It introduces several new features - both in the terminal and in the MQL5 coding language - and numerous bug fixes:
  • Fixed moving a trading operation from the History tab to the chart - it now properly activates the chart, so further actions happen to the active chart it was moved to.
  • Double-clicking a trading operation in the History tab, now opens a trading dialog for the same symbol.
  • Real trading volume is now displayed on charts by default when it is available for the given trading symbol.
  • Optimized user interface display performance.
  • Improved chart printing in the Terminal.
  • Fixed trade volume setting in the quick trading panel after pressing the Tab key.
  • Fixed trading history display on the chart - now, old account trades are properly cleaned from the chart when switching accounts.
  • Fixed PayPal payments in the MQL5 Market.
  • Fixed freezes on option volatility charts.
  • Fixed phone number verification.
  • Fixed checking the writing rights when joining a group chat via MetaTrader.
  • Changed "Waiting for update" message to "<Symbol>, <Timeframe>" on a chart that doesn't have any data.
  • Fixed negative/zero price values display in the Market Watch.
  • Fixed product logos in the MQL5 Market when working via Wine.
  • Added vector and matrix classes as standard types with lots of built-in associated mathematical functions.
  • Fixed behavior of file and database functions when working with too long paths.
  • Fixed variable constancy control in the MetaEditor compiler.
  • Fixed incorrect warnings about uninitialized variables in the compiler.
  • Fixed ChartWindowOnDropped() function in indicators to not always return zero.
  • Added support for Python version 3.10 in the MQL5 Python module.
  • Fixed display of the VPS in the Navigator subwindow to not disappear when switching accounts.
  • Fixed display of complex expressions in the Debugger's observation window.
  • Fixed export of test reports to files.

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If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.