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Nov 30, 2008
A new version of MetaTrader 5 platform has been released yesterday, on June 13, and is now available at brokers' trading servers. It introduces API for accessing MT5 terminal data via Python coding language. The list of some other notable changes in MetaTrader 5 Build 2085 is below:
  • You can now download MetaTrader package for Python and then add it in your Python installation to enable API for accessing MetaTrader 5.
  • Market and Signals sections of the terminal have been optimized and are now working much faster than before.
  • Market, Signals, and Search features are now available for Linux and MacOS users via Wine.
  • The built-in interactive learning program for MT5 terminal has been translated into 30 languages.
  • When opening a demo account via the platform, a broker may now require phone/email verification, which can now be handled by the terminal.
  • PayPal payments in Market and other services can now be performed in one click.
  • Strategy Tester has been optimized and improved for better stability and faster performance.
  • Added automatic generation of chart bars for custom symbols whenever their tick history changes.
  • Fixed display in Data window when using crosshair in a detached chart window.
  • Fixed tick order when saving ticks history.
  • Fixed chart generation on short periods of history.
  • Service apps can now be debugged similarly to expert advisors.
  • Added three new modes for margin calculation: exchange bonds, MOEX stocks, and MOEX bonds.
  • Added TesterDeposit() function to simulate a deposit during strategy testing. It is now also possible to run tests with zero initial deposit.
  • OnDeinit() event handler is no longer interrupted by other events.
  • Fixed some errors that could occur when the current day's custom symbol tick history got changed.
  • Fixed slowdown of indicators/EAs when thousands of chart objects are used.
  • Fixed terminal freezing in case of too frequent calls to trading history from MQL5 apps.
  • Fixed iBarShift() operation - it will now return the oldest available bar number if exact = false and the requested bar is outside the available data.
  • Fixed detection of the number of cores for CPUs with several NUMA nodes.
  • In MetaEditor, it is now possible to add code styler icon to the toolbar.
  • Fixed bugs with MetaEditor when working with functions and variables with non-Unicode characters in their names.
MetaQuotes' full release announcement is available here:

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.