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    A new version of MetaTrader 5 - Build 1340 - has been released yesterday, May 13. Currently, it is only available on the MetaQuotes Demo server but broker will soon update their MT5 servers too. The build is not anything huge - it focuses on certificates mobility and backtesting accuracy:
    • If you trading account is secured using SSL certificate, you can now easily transfer it to other devices you use for trading via the platform.
    • Strategy Tester now correctly processes triggering of the stop, stop-limit and SL/TP orders when working with trading instruments on exchange execution model. It was using Bid/Ask price before, now it will be using Last price. Execution of the orders will be performed using Bid/Ask price at the movement of execution as opposed to the specified price.
    • Strategy Tester now also offers a more detailed log regarding the tick history download.
    • Fixed bugs with CopyTicks() function and template functions.
    MetaQuotes' release announcement is available here:

    If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.

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