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    MetaQuotes has released a new version of its MetaTrader 5 platform on February 17 - Build 1545. It is a moderately important update focusing on interface changes and bug-fixing:
    • It is now possible to switch quickly between the Terminal and the Strategy Tester subwindows without obstructing the platform's layout with both subwindows simultaneously.
    • It is now possible to adjust position's SL/TP using mouse wheel scrolling.
    • The list of trading servers you use on your desktop MT5 is now remembered when you download and install a mobile version of the platform.
    • Minimized charts now produce less impact on the platform's CPU usage.
    • Fixed a bug with wrong trailing stop level triggering.
    • Trading history symbol filtering should now work correctly.
    • History display should now show the Type field properly.
    • Fixed CLR_NONE display bug in custom indicators.
    • Strategy Tester now allows backtesting of custom indicators with more than 64 input parameters.
    • Strategy Tester user interface has been translated into Hindi.
    • Fixed some other bugs and errors.
    MetaQuotes' release announcement is available here:

    If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.

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