How to Handle Forex Investment Losses


Oct 21, 2014
The review process begins in two separate areas : You & Your System . Here are some checklists for you to go through to find out where the problem :
Is your system are thoroughly tested before trading it ?
Have you tested with out-of - sample data ?
Do you even have a system ???? If you do not , how do you even know if the method you trade even profitable ??
Whether the code is correct ?
Are you over- optimize your system ?
Do you trade with a small amount of capital before putting the rest of your money on it ?
Do you know the limitations of the system ?
Have you actually been to analyze your system ?
Are withdrawals when you show with your system normal ?
Do you feel comfortable with your system's historical drawdown performance ?
Are you really aware of the risks involved with the system and the instrument you are trading ?
Are you trading with funds that you feel comfortable risking ?
Do you rely too much on your performance ?
Are you set realistic goals ?
As you can see there are generally two areas that you need to explore : the mechanical aspect - your system - and the emotional aspect - you . Both can be responsible for making you feel the way you do. It would be a mistake on the side of the system with how the system is tested and / or programmed , or it can be your own psychological profile not being comfortable with the forex system performance .
Your answer = Change = Your Growth
What steps should we take now ? Now we begin the process of improvement if we stop indulging evil nature of the way to take control we should continue to " corrective nature of the " us by applying our findings and taking ACTION in correcting our mistakes .
If the problem is mechanical - fix it , if the problem was emotional either go about setting up a new mindset , or change your current system . The answer lies in whether you need to expand your knowledge in the development of the system , or do you need to grow emotionally as a person .
Unfortunately there is no easy path , and even if no one will do it . Hopefully this article has made you ponder some of your behaviors during drawdown periods , be sure to keep an eye on yourself and as always take care of your body , because there is no point in making all the money in the world when you do not have the physical capacity to enjoy

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Sep 11, 2014
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