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Dec 27, 2016
Want to get access to high performing strategy?


If you have been trading and would like to diversify, or have no time to trade, or having frustration chasing the market. Just hop on and join our MAM and watch us trade for you. Our strategy is very defensive during draw-down, and we will try to scale when we are winning.

All trades comes with a stop loss, and we do not add to losers or average. We are not your typical 1 hit wonders or inexperienced rogue traders.


TheSimpleMethods is a proprietary system that demonstrates a distinctive edge, enabling it to outperform across market cycles. It is able to trade a ranging market, trending market and market breakout. It's discretionary and manual, managed by a team of traders.

Our principal philosophy is to build a sustainable and progressive portfolio with optimal risk management. The team’s philosophy, coupled with its proprietary tools, form the foundation of the trading team. It can generate for the client’s unrivaled profits within the Foreign Exchange market through all market conditions in a risk-adjusted fashion.


FX Managed Account - MAM

The FX Managed Account is via MAM on FPMarkets, an ASIC regulated broker.

The Minimum investment to join is $5000 now. You may request for a fund fact sheet from us and speak to our partners via skype for any questions/queries. Click here to find out more.

Restrictions: NZ, US and AUS

Risk Multiplier - x2 , x3 Optimal Performance

If you felt that 40% or even 25% PA is too low, we allow our investors to use x2 and x3 risk multiplier to enhance the performance. Our avg draw-down is below 2%, and worst case scenario for basic x1 strategy we do not see it above 5% and market flash crash perhaps 8%.
Our strategy uses a leverage of 1:1, so thus our returns are very low and we build up on the pips. If you can tolerate higher risk, we allow our investors to use x3 for optimal performance , and we do not allow x4 for now.

Licensed strategy - regulated and audited
To access a licensed strategy for residents residing in the USA, UK and AUS.
Kindly contact us, and we will refer you to our external white label partners.

Contact: doc@thesimplemethods.com
website: click here.
To join: click here.


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