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    Я трейдер из России.
    I am a trader from Russia. Very interesting, how are your successes?
    I also tested.
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    Some people state Forexgrand are scammers, but I want to say that you need to rely on your own knowledge in this area rather than a manager. For almost a month, I've earned only $130 but withdrawn successfully. I'll keep on trading.
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    An advisor of forexgrand called my mother and they convince her to invest 2700 euro. When you try to withdraw, they tell you that you can't withdraw because they are doing same investments. I have money on my account and I cannot withdraw and I cannot understand why. They start to ask 200 euro, and so 2500 euro and so 10000. At the start of your "investment" ,you can see , in their platform, that you earn very much money, about 1000 euro per week with 2700 euro of investement;when you refuse to invest more money you magically lose all money in your account. Don't believe in what you see in their platform because they can manipulate it: they can open positions at a price that the graph of pricers don't touch as you can see in the below graph:
    Result of my experience: My mother lost all her 2700 Euro in less than one month.
    In short words: forexgrand is a scam
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