Forex i007 Automated Signal Service; +10% Consistent Monthly Gains


Jun 17, 2012
Consistent +10% averaged gain per month since inception with 80% equity protection (max drawdown of 20%).

.01 lots traded per $2000
.10 lots traded per $2000 in some cases of manual intervention.

You may adjust equity protection and lot sizes per $2000, so you can capture a different investment style. To scalp for example, you might want to set lots to 0.1 per $2000 and max drawdown to 2%.

The signal service executes the trades from its signal hub in New York with a ~2ms delay or less to most broker servers, and saves you the considerable expense of a VPS.

Methodology is a combination of manual technical trading and automation/expert advisors continually overseen, updated and tweaked by a seasoned manager with more than 5 years profitable trading experience.

Strategies utilized involve a diversified mix of scalping, swing, breakout, countertrend, news trading, trend following and ranging with manual intervention.

The fully verified results with real money speak for themselves really. Reports and charts can be found at the two links below for its Hedged and Non-Hedged signal systems. You can also peruse the associated discussion section for commentary and feedback from the manager and followers of the service.



Everything said, I personally utilize this service and, as you can see from the charts, I've been very pleased with its performance on the whole. Definitely worth the monthly subscription fee ($150 US), in that it provides consistent, real equity growth, which is more than can be said for most other managers/signal services.

You can subscribe here.

Upon sign up, you will need to provide the manager with the:

A: Account number and password of the account to be managed.
B: Broker's server and the name of the broker (IP is preferred) for the account to be managed.

You can reach Will Schaarrand the signal service manager at to send your account details or voice any questions or concerns you have about the signal system.

Recommended Broker:

Further, I strongly recommend Pepperstone for your broker. Again, like this signal service, I use it myself and am extremely happy with their trading conditions. Sadly they will _not_ currently accept US clients due to NFA/CFTC rules. As for the main draws:

New York server is close to Forex i007 Signal Hub (also New York situated) for minimum trading latency.
  1. Local bank transfers in most major currencies to save on account funding costs.
  2. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) and FOS regulated.
  3. Up to 400:1 leverage (not that I recommend using that much!).
  4. Fast, reliable execution.
  5. Some of the very lowest spreads/commissions of any broker, with access to raw ECN spreads via a commission based Razor account.