10% Monthly Returns EA Setup Service


Sep 26, 2016
Greetings my fellow EarnForex Patrons!

I am offering a service to help setup an Expert Advisor that can get you returns of up to 10% a month.

The objective of the EA is 'Consistent Daily Profits'.

The key characteristics of the EA are:
  1. Low Risk
  2. Low Drawdown
  3. Safe for Beginners
  4. Huge Margin to Cater for Large Swings
  5. Opens and Closes Trades Automatically
  6. Runs 24 hours, 5 days a week
Purchase Requirement:
  1. Able to open or have a Verified Forex Trading Account - 5 digit broker with mt4 platforms
  2. Minimum account deposit needed to use this system in $10,000.00
Price: $100.00

PM me if anyone is interested.

Thank you.