Sep 16, 2020
This might be the best i ever came across!
As it only repaints the 2. latest (including the one currently forming) you can base a tradingplan on going long or short everytime the 3rd stick is forming with the 2 privius beeing a new color.

Every dag at 00:00 GTM, you go to the daily chart EURUSD. You see that the 2 privius sticks changed from Red to Green (bullish). Now, place a Long and check back every day the market is open at 00:00 GTM and wait for 2 red sticks to form and close ur position + enter a short.

I backtested this on the EURUSD daily chart for 2010.
The results were quite nice:
Total trades taken: 17.
Total trades win: 13.
Total trades los: 4.
Biggest win: 1334,1 - Spread.
Biggest loss: - 60 pips - Spread. (about 62,5)

The year total pip earned: 6676,5 - spread.
I'm am highly doubting the results mentioned here. A backtest on EURUSD daily using an EA of this indicator using previous two sticks is not profitable.


Jun 14, 2021
Well it depends on what you are using the Fisher for. As for me, its one of my best indicators and a leading indicator combined with price action. Suprised? I have used it to develop strategies. Dont bother yourself with whether the fisher repaints or not. Honestly you can search the internet for a non-repainting Fisher but the truth is that you wont find any! See the Fisher as a momentum indicator and you'll have a better understanding of how to use it! Also you can have 70-90% win rate by spotting divergences with the Fisher! Ppl say all sort of things about the Fisher but when you study it and find a way to use it youll be amazed. So i dont care whether it repaints or not! it's what i use the indicator for that matters.