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Mar 26, 2011

FAPTURBO IS A COMBINATION OF 2 STRATEGIES: • Short Term Scalping Strategy • Long Term Advanced FAP strategy Both strategies are built inside one FAPTURBO expert advisor and can be switched on and off using UseScalperStrategy parameter in FAPTURBO settings. Each strategy uses its own designed timeframe and currencies so be sure you use the strategy on proper currency pair and timeframe. Read the Guide in the download file for more details. Only 1 strategy can work on one Chart at the same time but you can open several charts to run different strategies within one trading account. More details on how to do that can be found later in this Guide. FAPTURBO scalper is a unique system that usually makes 1-5 trades a day aiming for small take profit value (from 6 to 10 pips) when the market is stable enough (often during nighttime in Europe). By default scalper strategy does not make any trades during day time (GMT) and does not trade on Fridays, where the market is too unpredictable. (and of course no trades on weekends) Scalper strategy is very safe because it has a low value stop loss limit and advanced algorithm that closes the trades according to inner indicators. Stealth Mode protects you from cheating on the broker side. Using the stealth mode the take profit and stop loss values are not displayed to broker. Scalper strategy works on EURGPB, EURCHF, GBPCHF or USDCAD currency pairs on M15 timeframe only. Long Term Advanced FAP Strategy FAPTURBO uses advanced FAPS (ForexAutoPilot) Algorithm. The Trading system of the ForexAutoPilot expert advisor is based on several modern Forex indicators such as Alligator, Fractals, DeMarker, and William's Percent Rate. The system detects a good trend and confirms it using internal indicators, then opens the trades to make maximum profit for you. ForexAutoPilot advisor monitors each open trade carefully and closes it if it reaches the takeprofit limit when the trade is successful. FAPTURBO Longterm FAP STRATEGY was optimized for the best performance on EURUSD pair M1 (1 minute timeframe). FAPTURBO Long Term Strategy is optimized to avoid trading during risky market conditions. No trades will be opened on such dangerous days. Please have patience! If it does not open any trades for a week or two that means the market is in a risky zone! Good luck !!!

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