FAP Turbo Evolution


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May 10, 2009
FAP Turbo Evolution

Have you heard of the FAP Turbo Evolution automated Forex trading robot and all the advantages that it has over its first version? This software promises to be one of the most profitable and consistent Forex trading robots ever created, with a great amount of high quality upgrades being added to this new Swiss Version. This program is able to execute trades much more quickly compared to other robots without lagging or delaying. This is because it integrates well with the Dukascopy trading platform.

1. Does FAP Turbo Evolution Robot Really Work in the Long Term?

Working this robot's trading rules to trade various currencies pairs over the past months and years has proven that it can produce a very high trading winning rate over the long term. Putting its winning engine to work in the Swiss edition has actually increased it profitability even further than its previous record breaking winning rate of 96.21%. The new developments made to this software have been its enhancement in its scalping capabilities and better asset management system.

2. Which Currency Pairs Do You Get to Profit from Using FAP Turbo Evolution?

Installation this software robot is really easy. All I had to do was follow the easy-to-understand, step by step tutorial videos. This FAP Turbo Evolution Edition is able to make money from the USD/CAD, EUR/CHF and EUR/GBP currency pairs with a relatively high degree of accuracy.

3. How is FAP Turbo Evolution Different From Its Original Version?

After making many new changes to further optimize and tweak its capabilities, the programmers of FAPTurbo Evolution have managed to create a better trading tool that adapts to a higher liquidity environment and is able to trade with partial fills without off-quotes and requites.

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This looks like an amazing peice of software. I am definitely going to be testing this out.


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Jul 14, 2009
Is it any different than the normal FAP Turbo? That EA is pretty much out there for free at the moment. If you do buy/try it ForexBear...fancy doing a review for us on it?