FAP Turbo Review - Is FAP Turbo a Scam or the Real Deal?


Dec 18, 2011
If you have ever considered trading on the foreign exchange market but were not sure how to do it efficiently, there are plenty of software programs to help.

Even in a down market, people are making money every day on the Forex (Foreign Exchange) by using various "robot" programs. There are several powerful software programs that professional brokerage houses use which can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, with the internet there are several opportunities to purchase a powerful Forex software program that works for a fraction of the cost in years past. The problem is there are so many Forex robot programs out there, that determining which one is the best would be difficult - and it is what we had set out to determine.

Our key criteria for our Forex program: It has to be easy to install and load; it has to work; and it has to be effective at evaluating the market consistently.

With so many different Forex programs on the market, we wanted to determine one - and only one - program that delivered on all three key components. So we tried eight of the top software programs that were available to the general public and figured out which one was the best.

About The Company

Steve Carletti is a professional IT programmer and is the head developer of the Forex robot, FAP Turbo. Along with two friends from college, they have developed the program to determine the winning rates of trades, in order to make money with small investments. To date, his program has sold over 55,000 copies.

FAP Turbo is an automated Forex trading robot that has hit the Forex market by storm. Making the outrageous claim of picking winning trades 96% of the time, and doing it with zero human intervention required

What Exactly Will FAP Turbo Work For You?

FAP Turbo will do everything for you. You just need to place it inside your MetaTrader platform, and turn it on. But installing an EA has never been so easy... Just download the file to your computer and you'll have a Wizard to install it right inside the platform... Even if you're not used to use your computer, you won't have any problems...

All you have to do is to follow their instructions and you'll be all set. You'll be ready to start making a lot of money...

But My Trading Account Is So Little... Can I Still Use FAP Turbo?

There's no problem at all... With FAP Turbo, you'll make money no matter the size account you have...

FAP Turbo developers tested their system is 3 real trading accounts. One starting at $370, another one starting at $2500 and the third one with a starting capital of $10000. All these accounts more than doubled...

Benefits with FapTurbo

You can multiply your account faster with short term scalping

This was the main reason why I tried out Fap Turbo. I always thought forex robots should be doing scalping and multiplying small accounts during favorable trends.

Note that I say that small accounts not your main trading capital. With compounding, you could really rake up some decent thousand% gains with only your risk money at 100% max.

Not to mention that it can trade 5 currencies at a single time!

Your trading capital is always protected with small fixed stoploss

This feature is massive and what makes Fap Turbo works for long term. Lets face it, a software cannot cope with all kinds of market conditions. Therefore, it must take losses whenever it is wrong. That will help to preserve our earlier profits.

This is one area that the predecessor , Forex Autopilot failed to obey.

You have an trading strategy that is working for 9 years

Ok , backtest do not mean everything but at least you have a clue on the profitability and winning rate. FapTurbo scores a 5000%+ net profit with 96% winning rate. If the trading strategies inside this expert advisor is no good, it won't even be profitable

Your account is least likely to be flag by brokers

You should realised now that shady brokers do not like automated trading softwares. So there is every chance that they will sabotage your trading results with stoploss hunting and even banning your account. Thats why Fap Turbo employs a stealth mode operation to escape detection by most brokers.

You are getting a upgraded version over Forex AutoPilot

Forex AutoPilot made a lot of money in the early days when market was trending big. It then came down crashing with its big stoploss when the currency turn its trend. Forex Autopilot wipe away all the earlier profits with a single 500 pips stoploss.
(those who compounded everything)

The goal of Fap Turbo was to improve the weaknesses of its predecessor.

Users' comments on Fap Turbo

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