EA Beginners guide #1 - What to look for in an EA


Jun 4, 2013
Hi all

My name is Robert Ferreira and I thought I might share some facts in regards to what makes an EA work properly.

Lesson 1: Understanding the functions of an EA

In order for you to be a profitable trader, trading a specific EA you need to understand all the functions of the EA or if not the major functions you are using in regards to your trading.

What I like to do is graph the entry parameters on the chart and watch where trades are executing.
This allows me to obtain a visual understanding as well as mental understanding of the EA.

In order to maximise the trading potential try not to trade into news and also keep an eye on your EA occasionally. There are MT4 plugins which you can use that will help you to track your results.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.


Robert Ferreira