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Sep 5, 2018
Hello all,

I modified and would like to share an interesting multi histogram indicator, the same histogram can show the different values between 2 indicators values (fast/slow).

The original (source) was the famous Awesome (Bill Williams) that show the cross and values between 2 MA ..but it have not setting possibility. So I added the parameters to choose various setting.

Then, just I like to work with volume and adaptive indi I add more interesting indicators

Default MT5:
SMA (Awesome)
Custom Indicators:
Adaptive RVI
Kalman (still no work fine ..need fix it)


Below I paste the article and source to see the characteristics of the custom indicators.

AnyCrossHist use same out buffer and is possible to see with same histogram and same indi the adjust the out value with a multiply set when the out value have more decimal.
EX. if the max output val is 0,00045, we can set the multiply 100000 to get max value 45.

There is the set to see in the left some info about the indi used and the values of the fast/slow buffer. Please note to turn off if you need to "fast test".

I add the rar file do download, please note that all file are into a folder "anycross", please paste it in the "MQL5>Indicators" folder (see image).

You can use the other indicators but the multi indicator is "AnyCrossHist".


** Please if is possible someone fix the error of the Kalman indicator.
There is a problem about to get the buffer of the predictive signal.

Source custom indicators:


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