95 % of traders lose , most brokers don't want you to know this

It affects their business , so most forum owners(supported by brokers) delete or bump/ push these threads lower.Here I can not find a 95 % lose thread on mql 5 site, maybe it is deleted.

Most trading forums are looking for broker sponsorship, so they try to keep content manipulated in favor of brokers interests , not the trader's interests.

The whole trading industry benefactors , rely on hiding the importance of 99% lose , in order to attract new traders to open accounts.If a forum,broker , mentor or vendor , was to advertise “you will lose because the traders are wired to lose ” , nobody from the vendor side is going to make money .This is because they won’t attract new traders , the brokerage model relies on new recruits to replace the losers of this year. Mentors will not get new subscribers and educators will lose out

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Jun 10, 2015
The numbers are overstated, we know about losers because of their numerous complaints, but know little about winners because they don't share their positive experience often. It's called probabilistic bias
The numbers are overstated, we know about losers because of their numerous complaints, but know little about winners because they don't share their positive experience often. It's called probabilistic bias

I think the numbers are understated , as I explained in this post.


In this true example , I registered on Forex factory, my posts are being rejected in this thread, the ones that explain the causes of 95 % failure.If I went and bumped up the 95 % lose threads , some of them are talking of all losing or 98 % losing, the posts would be rejected. There is a big industry agenda to post lower figures, especially when brokers are spending $100 m a year to attract new customers ,to replace the losers of this year.

Imagine forex factory having threads talking of 99% will lose, the broker paying $70,000 a year to advertise on it , broker sees the threads 99 % of you are expected to lose due to psychology. The broker's marketing man say " how will we attract new customers , if there are hundreds of threads saying 99 % lose in the cesspit of forex factory".

In fact the probabilistic view is
80 % of forex factory threads is made up of commercial sellers , that would imply 80 % can't make money from trading.The rest 1 to 20 % is made up of amateurs, new comers and new potential victims.

If they allowed psychology sections , most would have found out , the brain is wired to lose , infarct 99 % of u are wired to lose in the markets.You see all the fake traders on forums urging everybody to carry on trading , it brings more income to site owners and brokers.


Threads are locked because the broker money does not benefit from these discussions.Not open for further replies. Every attempt is made to close discussions, offer rebuttals and debunk 95% lose.

The forum owner did not tell you the truth "there is a big charlatan on forum selling freely available trend trading education, is sponsoring the forum, the forum owner is in bed with sponsors".

Threads are closed and members banned on lies from moderators. The truth broker money is calling the shots.




The 95 % number is definitely understated.
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Jul 9, 2017
Well; no doubt a number of traders are losing money here. But, if a trader starts his/her live trading with enough preparations, then nothing is impossible. Forex is challenging but not impossible.

the two main reasons why people end up sustaining huge losses in their trading account is lack of the proper knowledge and not applying money management tips
99 % of traders lose due to greed, it is a psychological flaw of humans , psychology is 100 % responsible, that is why forum sites do not have psychology sections. Most forums rely on broker advertising on forum sites, they don't want traders to know about trading psychology.