Trading psychology mindset is 80 % of trading success

Fifty traders are given same system , they all come out with several different results. Fifty students are are given same education , they all come out with several different exam results.

Many traders are given profitable systems , but they can't follow the systems due to their mindsets. Trading psychology is 80 % of trading success , without trading psychology a driver of car is like headless chicken driving a car , in trading it is a headless trader trading.

Educating a trader , training a trader without the mindset and mental skills , is like preparing educating a headless chicken trader. Almost 99 % of traders will lose , due to mindsets and psychology. Look at he internet forums and broker's education , there are over 10,000 free systems , yet over 95 % lose.The problem is the trading psychology, this is why forums, brokers and charlatan educators debunk trading psychology, so they can sell systems, education and trading services, they can all make money when trader starts trading.Trading psychology is where most 99% of traders lose, this is the truth vendors don't want you to know. They even want to hide psychology sections from new traders.

Here is more knowledge and education on trading psychology, until traders master their psychology , they will keep on losing.

best psychology threads & youtube videos

some videos

amygdala hijacks happen to traders all day long , it is an emotional hijack created when emotions are triggered by the market.Charlatans will say trades can not have emotions or they can control them , but emotions control traders.


LOSING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.Great traders cry after a loss. Traders are devastated after a loss.[

Linda Raschke points out how people are so devastated and emotionally hijacked by losses that they start revenge trading, to get their losses back. They behave like clever monkeys as per videos, in the market , try monkey business in the market.

Revenge trading happens after losing , nobody likes a loss .Second video is recovering your loss of cigarettes , after gambling .This happens to traders all the times.Nobody likes losing to Mr market.

After 8 years they realize , psychology is more important than systems.Despite making 10,000 systems , 99 % are losing.

In trading , when putting on a trade , we exit a trade when it moves a few ticks against us , we are constrantly re-entering into trades when it catches our direction and getting out of trades , when it it again moves a few ticks against us.


Ary Barroso

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Jul 9, 2017
I really agree with your opinion! Really, trading psychology plays an important role here! Without proper game plan on the trading psychology the trading journey is much impossible.
the two main reasons why people end up sustaining huge losses in their trading account is lack of the proper knowledge and not applying [URL deleted] money management tips

99 % of traders lose due to greed, it is a psychological flaw of humans , psychology is 100 % responsible, that is why forum sites do not have psychology sections. Most forums rely on broker advertising on forum sites, they don't want traders to know about trading psychology.
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