1. antonyyu3

    Daily Gold Price Analysis by JRFX.com

    JRFX-Daily Gold Price Trend Analysis-June 11, 2024 Gold price chart, weekly time frame Last week closed the week under the blue Channel support line. Yesterday, the price went up to test the Channel resistance line again but was unable to pass through and was still within the price structure of...
  2. antonyyu3

    Here’s what you need to know about XAUUSD trading in today’s gold market

    Do you know the gold price reached an all-time high? On Tuesday 26th March 2024, the gold market has seen a notable rise in prices to a new high of around $2,190 an ounce. This rally has been driven primarily by a weaker US dollar and investor expectations of interest rate cuts. Over the past 30...
  3. davick9

    Weekly USOIL Levels, Epic New Home Sales Report!

    This morning’s US economic calendar features two reports from the US real estate market. First, Building Permits came in up 1.8%, well above 1.1% expected, and -4.5% previous. Second, New Home Sales came in at 679,000, a -5.6% plunge month over month. Real estate metrics are typically viewed as...
  4. zForex

    Daily Market Analysis By zForex

    "Asia-Pacific Markets Rise on Softer US Inflation Data, Global Stocks Gain Amid Signs of Inflation Slowdown" Asia-Pacific markets experienced gains on Friday as new inflation data from the U.S. turned out to be softer than expected. This development has raised optimism that inflation may...
  5. davick9

    XAUUSD ~ the bearish trend is still strong.

    XAU/USD: the bearish trend is still strong. The price has made a retest break of the key daily/H4 support area and could make a new biassal impulse towards the support created by the previous low. Follow for more analysis & signals or reach on Whatsapp
  6. davick9

    XAUUSD Forecast

    The market broke through the main support level . I think that if the price makes retracement to the resistance zone at 1665.10 after we can see further downward move. I expect some pullback then sell if price rolls back to it. My goal is the support level at 1640.000. To follow my analysis...
  7. A

    DXY Levels To Watch 8/7 - 8/12

    Coming off of NFP we have had a Bullish Retracement into a Daily Price level 106.452 where we would anticipate seeing resistance to the downside. Within this move back into this Bearish Price Level, we have a move off a Bullish Price Level 105.348 within this Bullish Range. With this in mind, we...
  8. EWM

    GOLD (XAUUSD) Forecast | 4 hour, daily and weekly charts and analysis

    Latest updates for XAUUSD: charts, analysis, summary, market news and forecasts. Everything you need to know to trade XAUUSD. For More Analysis And Forecast Visit : https://elliottwavemonitor.com/ EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD DXY USDJPY USDCAD USDCHF NZDUSD
  9. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis XAUUSD : 2019-03-21

    Dovish Fed stance bullish for gold Halting interest rate hikes this year by the Fed is bullish for gold. Will the gold price continue rising? Federal Reserve’s dovish stance hurts US dollar, making gold more affordable and attractive for investors. At a conclusion of March meeting yesterday...
  10. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis XAUUSD : 2019-02-28

    US-China trade negotiations may be prolonged Gold prices are falling amid difficulties in US-China trade negotiations and the strengthening of the US dollar. Will the XAUUSD continue to fall? The US representative in trade negotiations with China Robert Lighthizer said that the US should...
  11. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis XAUUSD : 2019-02-12

    Gold prices fall amid increasing demand for dollar assets Gold prices decrease amid the strengthening of the US dollar. As a rule, these two assets move in antiphase and are antagonists of each other. Will the XAUUSD fall? Last week, the US dollar index showed the maximum weekly growth in six...
  12. Mary Z


    What a rise for the GOLD! Who else is trading gold and what do you guys reckon, will it keep rising or will it drop?
  13. Mary Z


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