1. FEW

    Forex Trading Tips For Beginners - VIDEO

    Watch this video on Youtube about how to find a profitable trading system, demo trading, getting high quality education for free, developing a set of trading rules, obtaining capital for your live account. A complete guide for beginner traders.
  2. P

    How to Catch Every Trading Chances in Trend Market - $450 Profit

    GMMA is a powerful tool that allows you to catch almost every single trading chances in trend market. Prices move up and down in trends and those moments are where profit comes from! Take a look at the video today to see how you can actually catch those moments using the GMMA indicator. I...
  3. P

    [ASK] Recommended binary broker

    Hi. My friend talked me into joining him to trade either binary or forex, and after doing some searching I admit binary interests me more. Now I am aware that people are saying that in binary it is hard to make profits, but I am really really new in this trading thing so I thought to start from...
  4. hayseed

    basket trading

    Andrei Novichkov wrote a pretty good article the other day for the mql5 forum, Working with currency baskets in the Forex market...... that sort of trading has always appealed to me..... his words were well chosen, such as in the title, Working with currency baskets..... it is work.... a...
  5. Enivid

    Hiring a Part-Time Forex Video Blogger

    Part-Time Forex Video Blogger Do you have experience in Forex market analysis? Can you prepare short but informative videos based on your own technical analysis or on the current fundamental events in currency markets? Are you interested in working for an established industry blog? Good! We...
  6. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 950

    A new release of MetaTrader 4 platform was out on December 23. Today it became available for update on brokers' servers. Build 950 provides handy links for tutorial videos and some bug-fixing: Added a video tutorial link on how to rent a virtual platform when using a Virtual Hosting Wizard...
  7. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 1241

    MetaQuotes had released MT5 Build 1241 on December 18 but the update became available on brokers' server only today. The new version of the platform adds some minor features and fixes errors: Added a video tutorial link on how to rent a virtual platform when using a Virtual Hosting Wizard...
  8. Enivid

    Debunking Myth About Angles

    You can watch our latest video on measuring angles on Forex charts: iFyyZscZD5s
  9. B

    BuzzInForex video

    Hello for everyone, I would like to present one more lobe at - VIDEO lobe. Just come and see it here. Faithfully, BuzzInForex team :)
  10. Enivid

    Gartley Chart Pattern

    I've found an interesting video, describing Gartley chart pattern yesterday. I myself have never tried trading something like this. Does anyone here have some experience with Gartley patterns? Are they worth looking for?
  11. Enivid

    Elliott Wave Daily Technical Analysis now features a section with daily Elliott Wave videos with technical analysis: Elliott Wave Forex Videos Please enjoy watching it and learning from it. If you have any questions or suggestions about this free service, please post them here.