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Nov 30, 2008
MetaQuotes had released MT5 Build 1241 on December 18 but the update became available on brokers' server only today. The new version of the platform adds some minor features and fixes errors:
  • Added a video tutorial link on how to rent a virtual platform when using a Virtual Hosting Wizard.
  • Accelerated the speed of updating the list of orders when executing 50 orders or more per second.
  • Accelerated loading the huge symbol lists (thousands of trading instruments) on program initialization.
  • Optimized platform's memory usage.
  • Depth of Market settings are now saved and restored properly on platform's restart.
  • Added ORDER_EXTERNAL_ID and DEAL_EXTERNAL_ID properties to get the order's or deal's external ID (for exchange-traded instruments).
  • ZeroMemory() function should now work properly with structures and classes.
  • FTP errors codes are now available when working with SendFTP() function.
  • Fixed CopyTicks() operation with COPY_TICKS_TRADE parameter.
  • CryptDecode() function now works properly with ZLib.
  • Added a video tutorial link on how to create a trading robot with MQL5 Wizard when launching the said Wizard.
  • Forward testing with genetic optimization now processes all unique results (was 25% before).
  • Fixed bug in migration process to Virtual Hosting when migrated EA uses custom indicator that uses .ex5 library.
  • Fixed some other bugs and errors.
This MetaTrader 5 update should already be available from your broker's trading server - just let your platform update. See this post by MetaQuotes for a complete list of changes.

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