1. Erebus

    Pivot Point SuperTrend

    My new favorite trend indicator for 2024, let's do it.
  2. ogwedhi

    Custom Indicator not displaying correctly

    A custom indicator I have plots the correct entry arrow on the screen but plots random arrows in the rest of the chart where I do not expect it to plot any thing. How can this be fixed? Also how can I move the arrow next to the entry candle its way too far ontop. Any help will be much appreciate...
  3. kolon

    Need help for Big trend catch indicator#1

    I make a EA that enter the order in trend direction. But in some situation,cannot over wrong direction the picture 1 ,red line show the wrong direction at near small uptrend ending.It cannot filter this moment. Actually this is Major downtrend wave. And also the next Picture 2 ,red line show...
  4. C

    Trader Deam Modified V2

    Hi Enivid, could you help convert this MT4 indicator source code to MT5 please? Others will benefit from this too if they want to use it. thank you
  5. hayseed


    almost 2 years ago a very polite discussion between the cableguy and myself developed..... the cableguy actually lived in the ukraine...... that discussion has weighed on my mind since then..... just before christmas, 2019, a tough decision was made....... open an account with...
  6. S

    New Buy Sell Trend Indicator

    The Forex Monarch Buy Sell Trend Indicator has a built in indicator that uses an algorithm to consistently make accurate predications. Technology has made it so easy now that analysis and thinking has become a thing of the past. Ok....maybe not thinking. But you get my drift. The algorithm...
  7. Ivanov_Aleksei

    Strong Trend Flat Signal

    The principle of the indicator. The Strong Trend Flat Signal (STFS) indicator is the intersection of two, developed by the author, non-lagging moving averages with averaging periods 21 and 63. A simple moving average (SMA) with an averaging period (2n + 1) of bars...
  8. Ivanov_Aleksei

    Cunning crocodile indicator.

    Structure of the indicator. The Cunning crocodile indicator consists of three moving averages (applied to the price Median price = (high + low)/2): 1) the usual SMA or the mean <X> of the process X and her two generalizations 2) <XF> = <X / <X >> * <X> and 3) <XS> = <X * <X >>...
  9. baraozemo

    Trend Continuation Factor - Multiple Timeframes (TCF MTF)

    Hi, I got this "tcf - mtf nmc.mq4" indicator from MT4 and I started the conversion to mt5, but I can't finish it... need help to finish the conversion to mt5. tks Zemo
  10. Jordan Salvatore D'Armi


    Just predictions and thoughts about EUR/USD and connected pairs.

    Top 10 Mistakes On Trading

    Top 10 Trading Mistakes On Trading Too big postition, No use stoploss, No trading psychology, No trading plan, No discipline, Novice trader trading that, what trading other traders, No patience, Trading with emotions, No money management, Trading againts trend. If you avoid...
  12. the_whisper

    Indicator for fractal analysis

    Hurst Index "Hurst index" is the analyzer of the the selected currency pair market fractal structure by using the R/S-analysis. It's available in Meta Trader 4 Market: The analyzer determines, by calculating Hurst index, whether the market tends...
  13. Arun Lama

    Beat the 95% and become 5%- Sentiment Trader

    The ability to analyze the crowd sentiment as the chart goes up or down is a crucial determinant of keeping your losses small and win big in the forex market. Since the time financial markets were formed, technical and fundamental conditions are always constantly changing. But there is only one...
  14. gvidas

    Opportunity Indicator for MetaTrader 4

    The Opportunity indicator is a general indicator that can be used in trend and neutral market types, along with other technical indicators of the traders choice. The main feature of the Opportunity indicator is to show trendlines in any timeframe. It can also show breakout trendlines...
  15. Vistabrokers

    Market Analysis by Vistabrokers

    Plunging OIL sees risk aversion as Investors flock to Yen The Yen was buoyant today following a sharp decline in crude oil and stocks which resurfaced concerns regarding the global economy. Additionally growing fears in the Eurozone’s stability and measures to be taken against deflation...
  16. Enivid


    Discuss PersistentAnti expert advisor here. PersistentAnti is a fully automatic EA created to benefit from price trend persistence property. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.
  17. Ixbone

    Ixbone IX Trader Forex Software

    Ixbone IX Trader Forex is a Trading Software for Retail Forex market, which was designed and programmed for Metatrader. IX Trader Forex is designed for traders who already trade the Forex market and have advanced knowledge about money management, position sizes, can perform interest...
  18. C

    Do you all heard Forex trend Wave before?

    There recently got a online guide about the Forex that name Forex Trend wave!I want to know that it is work or just another scam?Here is the link for the refer to the Forex Trend Wave.
  19. Enivid


    Discuss Dots indicator (trend direction indicator) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  20. Enivid

    Schaff Trend Cycle

    Discuss Schaff Trend Cycle indicator (cyclical oscillator based on stochastics and MACD, developed by Doug Schaff) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.