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  1. richardmai

    This is the most important thing of Forex trading

    A good Stop Loss setting is the most important thing of trading system. Why ? Let's say you have init balance 1000USD , you entry a order and lost -50% , then you left 500usd only , which mean you have to make your account increase 100% to recover to 1000USD ( 500 * 200% = 1000) . This is...
  2. Mikhail Mercantilist

    Conscious trading. Speculative trading

    In any field of activity, in order to achieve a positive result, the activity must be conscious. Trading, as a field of activity, is no exception. But even this is not enough. Market participants do not have a common opinion about the market itself, about the processes taking place on it, as a...
  3. Markkopanak

    How to Understand Forex Trading Signal

    Hello traders ! Today i would like to share with you my thoughts about Trading Signals, how to understand them. Forex signals are popular among beginners to increase their success rate and enrich their trading experience. Trading signals are generated by human analysts or traders or automated...
  4. CapitalStreetFX

    Free Forex Trading Signals & Free Trading Tips - CSFX Analytics

    Free Forex Trading Signals for 24 January 2022 NZD/CAD SELL = 0.8430 TARGET= 0.8421 SL= 0.8438
  5. trading1111

    Start 2021 with the most accurate trading system!

    What is the main requirement of traders towards any trading strategy? It should be simple to handle and highly efficient. This system proved itself through the years, a lot of traders sent positive reviews of it. But also they shared their ideas on the features that could make the strategy...
  6. FEW

    Live Forex Trading Signals for 28 Pairs – YOUTUBE VIDEO

    Forexearlywarning provides live forex signals and our forex signals app for real time notifications when consistent momentum is developing across 8 different currencies. These are accurate, high quality forex signals providers and have a long term track record of providing timely alerts and...

    Best Forex Signals - Markets Forecast - Free Forex Tips

    Learn the Secrets - Trading Experts over 18 years within the Forex Trading and Financial Markets - Grow up your Funds with the Best Forex Signals and Accurate Markets Forecast – Money Back Guarantee 100%
  8. S

    Forex discussion in Whatsup or Telegram

    Hello! I wanted to know whether there are any open Whatsup or Telegram discussion groups, in which users could freely interact and share their experiences? Sandos

    100% Per Year Mentoring Service

    Enjoy Swing Trading Success with my 175-Page Manual and VIP Mentoring Services to Accurately Predict Pip Movements Every Month! ___________________________ __________________________ _________________________ Twitter: @WorldWide876 Facebook: DRFXTRADING Website ...

    Swing Trading Mentoring Course

    Achieve Long-Term Trading Success with my Comprehensive Trading & Mentoring Services. ---------------------------------- ------------------------------------- START TODAY! YOUR MENTOR FOR SWING TRADING SUCCESS. Duane Shepherd (M.Sc. Economics, B.Sc...
  11. kolman

    Trading signals for stock/options market

    Hello, Traders! There are hundreds of assets in the market that may be interesting for trading. By studying various financial markets for a long time, we agreed on the need for automation of analytics. In order not to go through hundreds of assets every day, we created the options screener...
  12. Georgy

    Daily forex signals from

    We have 15 years’ experience in Forex trading. We provide 200-600 pips per month! If you register now - you will Get 3 DAYs signals for FREE! You can register at : You will receive signals by SMS and EMAIL. You can contact us 7/24 Entry, Stop Loss and Take...
  13. Aleforex

    Trading signals service

    Dear We have a trading signal picket right for you. There are three free packages. Operate in major markets with trading signals created by experts

    Swing Trading Mentoring

    TARGET STRONG MONTHLY RETURNS WITH SWING TRADING WORLD CLASS TRADING METHODOLOGY STRONG MONTHLY PERFORMANCES You will receive the 219-Page E-Book Trading Manual with the Swing Trading Theories to Dominate the Market; Personal Trade Mentoring Service via...
  15. Lud Trader

    Technical FOREX analyses by IVT US DOLLAR & Major pairs

    I am a professional trader at Interactiv Trading (IVT). We trade CFDs on the FOREX, indices & commodities market. We aim to create a community where we teach our members how to trade, and then allow everyone to share their experience. We provide educational webinars & Live Trading sessions and...
  16. ForexStream

    Join & Copy Consistent Trading with

    ForexSignalStream excels at delivering consistent trading results. Find out more by visiting my website: Follow my Trading Journal on Forex Factory Join and Copy ForexSignalStream HIGHLIGHTS: + Live track record of 10 consecutive profitable months and...
  17. K

    How to use Forex trading signals?

    Forex trading signals are a form of an advice to people to involve themselves in a trade when the time is right and when the cost is suitable. This signal is sent out by either man, through an analyst who assesses the situation and identifies the right time. They are also generated by robots...
  18. AlexTop

    Scion Forex

    Scion Forex – 100% web based, accurate Forex, Stocks trading Signals SERVICE! A Fantastic Forex signal service that no one can ever steal, you know why? Its an actual signal service in itself!! Traders from around the world making hundreds of thousand of dollars in this trillion dollar...
  19. F

    Forex Jingle free signals monthly reports

    Hey everyone! We're Forex Jingle, fractal-based trading signals system. Every month we'll post here new honest reports about our wins and fails. It's useful for those who already use or want to use signals either for guys who just interested in technical analysis. So, let's start from April...
  20. AlexTop

    Guaranteed Trading Signals

    Guaranteed Trading Signals – Automatic Binary Options Alerts: GTS is intelligent combination of software and ELITE TRADERS alerts to provide the very best opportunities to maximize binary options trading performance and profits! Receive guaranteed binary options trading signals...