How to use Forex trading signals?


Sep 10, 2013
Forex trading signals are a form of an advice to people to involve themselves in a trade when the time is right and when the cost is suitable. This signal is sent out by either man, through an analyst who assesses the situation and identifies the right time. They are also generated by robots which are activated when someone subscribes for the Forex trading signals services. Since the time at which they are sent out is so valuable, they are usually sent out through fast means of communication. These include SMS, emails, an update on the website and twitter.

Kind of services offered
There are various kinds of services offered by the Forex trading companies. They are as simple as free of cost signals; the user does not have to cover any sort of expenses. A signal provider may be sending out paid trading signals to the user, that may be via a person based assessment or an algorithm analysis. Sometimes there are multiple providers whose signals can be collected together and then sent out at a cost. These days’ Forex robots are running trendy as well. There is trading software available which can be installed on the subscriber’s computer. The software begins to send out indications whenever trading signals are generated. There are MetaTrader signals service provided as well.

Features of the services offered by Forex trading suppliers
The best feature would perhaps be the figures identifying entry and exit, for the trade on either single or multiple currency pairs. The figures may be exact or an approximated value. The assessment of the signals and a complete analysis with the help of graphs is also provided so there is a clear representation for the subscribers. The services also show a record of the trading’s, covering every details, including the profit and losses that were incurred each month. There is also a relationship described between the risk and rewards in the trading. On times the actual trades that are represented are done after thorough back testing.

There are platforms for discussions available where people's comments are good for a subscriber to learn and correct mistakes. One forum on which trading in the Forex is the MQL5 signals services. The signal provider can also assume the responsibility of managing the accounts of a subscriber; the account can also be traded by the signal provider. There are a lot of resources on net through which the subscribers can educate themselves about the trade. Some service providers are kind enough to allow a trial period for the new subscribers, they are charged really less for that.

Metatrader Signals from the Metatrader signals service is another popular way of trading in the Forex market. The subscribers are provided with a platform that makes it easier for them to operate in the Forex trading activities. There are many Forex trading brokers that make it possible for the users to download the MetaTrader signals software. There are also a few Meta quotes sites where the software is available for download with no charges or fee. Like other service providers, they too make all sorts of tools and resources available to the subscriber. The resources are sufficient to manage one's accounts, use a variety of trading techniques and assess the right price and the location as well. For beginners, usually there are tutorial videos or one to one tutorials available so that the subscriber has sufficient knowledge to help him start with it.

The MQL5 signals service
A cloud network has been established to make the MQL5 signals service more practical for the subscriber and the provider. The MQL5 services are very special and provide multiple advantages to the subscribers. Firstly, the best effort is being made to completely protect the subscribers. The procedure of purchasing and selling trading signals is one of the easiest processes. The paying systems are one of the best and non-intrusive systems such as the bank cards and the PayPal money system.

The trading history is completely open for the subscribers to go through. It is made a point that not a single transaction of the trades that took place previously is hidden from any subscriber. There is a twenty percent of commission that the providers charge, it is a very decent figure and there have been no issues over this aspect between the providers and the customers. The brokers and the subscribers are saved from the extremely lengthy paper work as a contract agreement. The best part is that the signal provider will only have to be informed of the figures of a customer; they need not know anything less or more about their customers. The customers are free to operate their accounts through nick names or unreal names.

However, Forex trading is a risky business and it requires the customer to remain alert and conscious during each transaction of trades to save themselves from any fraudulent activities.


Master Trader
Sep 11, 2014
At the moment, there are two kind of signal service which is available mostly. First they just provide us buy and selling prices while another way is to simply tell us the possibilities on both sides with pending orders and I have tried both without any results apart from losing both the money paying for signal and also with trading.

I will suggest to join OctaFX, where they do not take any fees or extra charges for providing wonderful news and analysis which we can follow and understand the logic behind the trade instead of a robotic guy trying to make money without even knowing the reason for the trade and they are the best broker in Asia for past 2 years consistently, so that also shows their quality so we don’t have to worry while following them.

Robert James

Nov 13, 2021
The site is very user-friendly even for beginners like I was and very little changes when you use your phone’s browser. You will get free signals to help teach you how to make the right trading choices too.