1. DangLongVN

    Coppy trade

    Latest updated trading strategies 1.Strategy 1: - Account: 1000$ - Profit: 30% - 60% per month - Capital risk: 50% - Minimum investment: 10$ 2.Strategy 2: - Account: 3000$ - Profit: 10% -...
  2. S

    Receive or sell trading signals on MT4 and MT5 at the same time, up to 5 signals per account!

    Dear trader, Do you know what exists professional service for Buying & Selling Trade Signals (copying) and it not MQL :) It allows you to receive signals to your account automatically. Yes, yes, you will say that there are many such services, but wait, this service has advantages that other do...
  3. FxTrader123

    MQL5 Signal: Night Hawk

    I'd like to recommned to the signal of Night Hawk EA with 2nd set pack for MT4. Link: Trade is moderately conservative. The entry into the market of the first order occurs in the Asian session. The system using filters of unidirectional currencies...
  4. A

    Financial Freedom Signals

    Good evening everyone. I am the owner of Financial Freedom Signals on the new Telegram Group. I would love for anyone who is interested in forex, or those who already are into forex to join. My team will be giving out analysis and signals once we reach 100 members. After we reach that goal, we...
  5. fxsaber

    Algo trading with detailed justification

    This account was opened simultaneously with the publication of the article 'Extract profit down to the last pip'. The trading is based on this article. The article has been translated into many languages. Thousands of readings all around the world with the confirmation based on the public real...
  6. C

    Forex signals on Telegram

    Hy traders, I would like to invite you to my free Telegram channel where I share my trading ideas.
  7. fxtrait

    !!!⁣ ⁣ 90%

    We Provide The Best and Most Accurate Forex and Crypto Trading Signal ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ We Provide The Best and Most Accurate Forex and Crypto Trading Signal As a team we deliver an average of 3000 Monthly Pips Which Enables Our Clients Earn Between $1000 - $3000 Monthly. ⁣⁣ Our...
  8. Ivanov_Aleksei

    Strong Trend Flat Signal

    The principle of the indicator. The Strong Trend Flat Signal (STFS) indicator is the intersection of two, developed by the author, non-lagging moving averages with averaging periods 21 and 63. A simple moving average (SMA) with an averaging period (2n + 1) of bars...
  9. MistGun

    MistGun forecasts

    Hi all! In this thread I'm going to publish my trading ideas occassionally. Do not expect long, boring and complicated descriptions. Just plain and simple notes of my thoughts. So lets begin...
  10. Mary Z


    GUYS. This i an exclusive XAUUSD signal from
  11. T0nT0nTrader

    My EUR/USD trading algos : 44% in 7 months (Real account)

    Hello guys, I am a full time trader working on the forex, and the future/options markets. My trading giving me a lot of free time (I am not a heavy trader) and having computer science background, I spent the last couple of years modelling and coding 2 of the strategies I use to trade the EUR/USD...
  12. mrrich06

    90% Accurate Indicator! "Super Signal" For MT5 (Little Modification NEEDED)

    My Hello to all the Members of this Forum and Upcoming Forex Traders, I came across a forex indicator which was BB Arrow Signal, which was one of the best indicator that produces 90% accurate signals for any Currency Pairs. I thought to give it a try but unfortunately it was just available for...
  13. M

    Discuss and Free signals with my Reversal Diamond Indicator

    __*** Reversal Diamond Indicator***__ New specially developed indicator - based on a unique author's algorithm for creating the most accurate signals! The Reversal Diamond Indicator generates signals with an accuracy of more than 94% and displays the profitability of the trader to a whole new...
  14. Trader Dale

    Trader Dale - intraday signals from profi trader

    I am a professional trader with lots of experience. I decided to share it here for free. Every day I provide you with intraday and swing levels that I am going to trade myself. You will see that you can be profitable trader too! Intraday levels - profit target 10 pips, stop loss 12 pips. Don't...
  15. Lilo

    Signal Lilo MM with RR 1:3 (+ 50% per month)

    Welcome to signal LiLo MM. I come from companies LILO CENTRE. This business founded in 2010 with the aim of investing in the stock market, shares. So far we bring significant profits for our clients. In 2012 we had access to the forex market and established a research team for this special...
  16. V

    Высокоточные торговые сигналы

    Здравствуйте уважаемые трейдеры! Вашему вниманию предлагается сервис - платформа торговых сигналов. Спецификация: 1. Торговые сигналы предоставляются по всем основным валютным парам. 2. Сигналы высылаются ежедневно с 8:00 до 11:00 по МСК. 3. Срок предоставления сигналов 1 месяц. 4...
  17. S

    Forex Signal Service ATFX

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are a little team of four people who studied business administration with the focus on investment banking. After working some years for a large investment bank we decided to get self-employed. We are managing accounts for private bank clients since 2000. Now...
  18. M

    Everestsignal -

    Hello, It is worh checking My ex-classmate from universtiy is a programmer there they do serious developments. They will provide quality trading signals with human supervision. I find it a unique opportunity that they provide 50% bonus and audited results... :)
  19. forextrader3476

    First time Aeron EA for All Currency Pairs.

    Dear Forex traders, Greeting!!! wish u a Merry Christmas!!! Aeron is a real Forex robot and now a great thing is that Aeron is now available for All currency pairs with impressive results. Please visit website for seeing verified trading results. Now a days on the...
  20. B

    14.12.12 -facebook forex signal for euraud buy

    euraud buy buy - 1.24331 sl - 1.24004 tp1-5pips, tp2 - 10 pips, tp3 - 15 pips guys use it this strong signal for your trade and give feed back also